YoWhatsApp APK Download (Official) April Latest Version 2023

YoWhatsApp APK is basically an addition to the latest application of the original application. It is becoming popular among users due to its latest and strict privacy control policies. In the YoWhatsApp apk, the user can personalize all your conversations, even makes a unique backdrop for each of your contacts and you can also change your font size. It offers you numerous emoticons, full-size pictures, and videos that can be sent and can send images over 700 at a time. YoWhatsApp APK enables you to hide the records of your contact numbers. If you opt for YOWhatsApp's latest version to enjoy these features.

YoWhatsApp Apk

YoWhatsAPP Information

File Name Yo Whatsapp APK
Version Latest
File Size 55.1 MB
Requairment 4.0 Android
Developer Yousef Al-Basha
Cost Freeware
Downloads 10,000,00+
Last Updated 1 Hour Ago

Why Use YoWhatsApp APK?

All of WhatsApp's other versions like GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, etc, are the most frequently used applications nowadays. As the original application is known for the simplicity, compatibility, and frequent service of sending messages. It has already become part of the social life of most people.


Features of YoWhatsApp APK

Below are some of the features:


The prior most demand of social media users nowadays is privacy. Most of the social media users who are using WhatsApp did not find the original version of the WhatsApp application more convenient in the essence of its Security. The lack of privacy control policies made it use less, while the Rc YoWhatsApp is more likely to be safe and secure than the original application.

Increased Reach

The Yo WhatsApp has made it easier and more convenient for the users to filter out the contacts who can call you and reach you. The user can easily obstruct the incoming call from anyone whom you do not want to contact. For this, you only have to change the contact settings with that person and you can turn on the block contact icon, which made you not receive any call from that contact and the call from the blocked contact shall be dropped automatically.

Freezing the last seen

Yo WhatsApp offers the users free their last seen. So that no other person can know about your online status. The online icon shall not be visible once you made it freeze.

Blue Ticks Feature

Usually, when you send a message to some there will be visibility of a blue tick that shows that the other person has received your message. But Yo WhatsApp offers the users the visibility of their blue tick only when they reply to the text others do not.

Anti-Delete Messages In Yo WhatsApp

In the original version of WhatsApp, there happens once you delete a certain chat, you no longer can see and read that chat again, but Yo WhatsApp made you read and access the old chat that you have deleted. If the other person deletes the messages they will still appear to you.

Anti Delete Status in Yo WhatsApp

This feature of yo WhatsApp made you watch and see the stories from your contact list which they have deleted. To them, there will be no story available but to you, you can see the deleted content anytime.

Hiding View Status

This feature of yo WhatsApp will enable you to hide your status story from certain people in your contact list. It shall only be visible to the people you want. For that, you have to go to the status settings to filter out people of your choice who can watch your status.

Customization in yo WhatsApp

The users whose aesthetic sense is really good and it matters a lot, for all those people this yo WhatsApp offers the users the customization themes feature. For that, the user has to go to the Yo WhatsApp theme store. There the user finds over 4000 different amazing themes, which you can enjoy the theme you want for free.

Customizing the Home and Conversation Screen

Yo WhatsApp Download enables users to change their home screens as well as conversation interfaces of their own choice. The user has a complete hand over the display settings of your screen. It also offers to change the preferences and appearance of backgrounds, text messages, tabs, etc.

WhatsApp’s own locker

If the user has any content in the messenger that the user wants to hide and doesn't want any other person to see, this Yo WhatsApp has the feature of an inbuilt locker.

Several Languages

This latest version of yo WhatsApp offers users to enjoy the features of different languages. It offers so many languages to the user, and the user can easily switch to any language they want at any time without any hindrance.

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Is the Yowhatsapp apk safe to get?

Yes, the yowhatsapp apk is safe to download.

Can I get Yowhatsapp on the Apple store?

You will not find yowhatsapp on the apple store as it is the modified version of the real Whatsapp app. You can download it from our website.

Will I get to hide my views on yowhatsapp?

Yes, you can hide views in the yowhatsapp app.

Final Words

In today's world, almost half of the population of the world is using social media and from most people demand security and privacy from that application. In this way, if you are also concerned about privacy and security, if you are a user of yo WhatsApp you don't need to worry about such Because it gives you a guarantee of security and privacy. You can lock down your accounts and if you feel like someone is trying to hack your account, you can easily take immediate action against the suspect and your issue will be resolved immediately.

It offers you two-factor authentication, through which a user is enabled to a safe and secure identity. For this, your contact number shall be used for that, and it will help you to keep your account safe from unauthorized downloads to your account.

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