WhatsGold APK Download for Android Latest Version 2023

To ensure that you don’t miss anything crucial, you can mark conversations or communications that you find intriguing as unread. In order to make WhatsApp Gold more private for you, you can also change the image that appears on your profile to an emoji when creating your account.

This new update also allows you to make WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab display the WhatsApp cases of others without appearing to them. One of the most popular WhatsApp MOD programs right now is WhatsApp Gold APK 2023. There are more than ten different versions of WhatsAppGold APK for Android, but in this piece, we’ll just discuss the official app.

If you’re tired of the standard WhatsApp interface and features, you should give WhatsApp Gold Android APK a try. It has a number of cutting-edge features that let you make the most of WhatsApp. Those who appreciate experimenting with new apps and features on their Android devices should give this app at least one try because it has no drawbacks and offers some exciting new WhatsApp features.

What is WhatsGold APK?

The most frequently used function in WhatsGold APK is the high-resolution image and video sending feature, which lets you transfer material from high-definition photos and videos with complete control over accuracy and quality. WhatsApp Premium Cut down on the resolution You will increase the resolution till it approaches the original size whether you have a poor internet connection or a fast internet connection.

One of the most intriguing features of the WhatsApp Gold application is the ability to hide the fact that you are currently connected to the Internet. As the feature’s name suggests, if you are currently online and using WhatsApp but do not want anyone to be aware of it, this would be the ideal option.

File Name WhatsGold APK
Android Version 4.3 and Above
Version v25.00
Total Downloads 9,000,000+
App size 59.6 MB
Cost Free
Developer Altornedo7
Last Updated 1 Hour Ago

What is WhatsGold Mod APK?

A well-known WhatsApp mod called WhatsAppGold APK has capabilities that the stock version of WhatsApp does not have. In comparison to the original WhatsApp app on your phone, Gold WhatsApp offers a lot more features. To give your app a fresh look, you are free to change it as you choose.

Abu Arab primarily created this modified version of WhatsApp to provide users with a tonne of capabilities and free them from the constrained features and functionalities of the official WhatsApp.

Why to Download WhatsGold APK?

You may use WhatsApp Gold to send files and messages to your contacts, conduct voice and video calls, and even share large files, in addition to the free services that are available, such as texting and connecting with others, making voice and video calls, sharing files, and more. The key feature of WhatsApp Gold is end-to-end encryption, which prevents anyone other than the sender and recipient from reading the messages and files you send to your friends. This makes it more challenging for a third party to read your messages.


The Ability to Conceal Appearance

By using WhatsApp Gold, you have complete privacy and the ability to conceal your appearance.

Composing a Lengthier Status

With WhatsApp Gold APK, you can write a status that is longer than 130 characters and has more than 255 characters. It enables you to write whatever you want without being constrained by the program’s restrictions.

Extra Features

The app has a number of other functions, such as the ability to view the person he is speaking to without going to his personal page. Whether the user is connected or not is shown by the information that appears immediately below the name.

The ability to entirely alter the application’s colors to a variety of hues wholesale is a fantastic feature of this mode. The colors of windows, backgrounds, and fonts can all be changed.

Two-Digit Operation

On a single mobile device, two-digit operation in two separate WhatsApp accounts.


Further capabilities that let you send attachments in conversations have been added by the WhatsApp Gold team. Instead of sending 30 photographs at once, it enables you to transmit more than 90. Instead of just 15 MB, you can send a 30-MB video clip.


In WhatsApp Gold APK, you may lock and safeguard your messages and app in a number of different ways.

Anti Revoke

In this option, you can turn on Anti Revoke, which prevents the sender from deleting your communications.

If you plan to remain busy all day, you can enable the auto-reply feature.

Scheduler Message

You can schedule a message to be sent to your friends at a specific time and date.

Many Languages

Hindi, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian are the available languages.

Do Not Know the Receipt

By not putting a second blue mark next to a message, you can read all communications delivered to you without the sender being aware that you are doing so.

Printed and Recorded

The application’s key features include writing in writing while concealing the sentence being written so you can write without knowing the address.

What is Best in this APK?

  • No money
  • No ad
  • No subscription
  • No advertisement

How to Download WhatsGold APK?

  • Back up your messages and media files before uninstalling the official version of WhatsApp. Follow the steps below to back up your files:
  • Open WhatsApp and tap on the Menu
  • Click on Settings
  • Tap on chats
  • Click on Chat Backup
  • Click on the Backup button, and this will be saved on a cloud storage
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” when you are prompted before you install the app. Below are the instructions to enable this option on your mobile device:
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Security
  • Enable “Unknown Sources”
  • Visit your downloads or file manager where the APK file is most likely located
  • Click on the APK file
  • Click on the “Install” button.
  • Installation might take a few seconds
  • Click on the Open button to launch or the Done button to finish the installation
  • Open the newly installed app
  • After launching, click on “Agree and Continue”
  • Input your phone number and click on “Copy WhatsApp Data”
  • If you’ve followed all the instructions above, then you’ve successfully backed up your account.
    Click on the Restore button


Users love WhatsApp modifications because they provide them the option to personalize the user interface and enhance security. Despite what some users have said, there is no concrete evidence that WhatsApp Gold is a hoax. However, because some links could be infected with malware and adware, we advise users to only download mods from trustworthy sources.


How to update WhatsApp Gold?

As we mentioned above, you will not find this app on the play store, so whenever the new update comes, you will have to uninstall the old version of WhatsApp gold APK and then download the new version from whatsappinstalling.com.

Can I use WhatsApp Gold and Official WhatsApp on the same device?

No, you can’t use two different apps on the same device. You will have to uninstall the original WhatsApp to use WhatsApp Gold.

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