WhatsFapp APK Download For Android (Official) 2023

Many superior messaging apps have recently been offered to customers, including WhatsApp's main competitors. Viber is a secure messaging app that works like a phone and has a great signal. WhatsFapp APK & WhatsApp Plus is a mod that functions similarly to WhatsApp and is one of many alternatives to WhatsApp.

What is WhatsFapp APK?

When it comes to enhancing one's WhatsApp experience, WhatsFapp APK is invaluable. The core function of this program is to expand the features of your existing messaging program, allowing you to keep in touch with more people and personalize their experience. Because of this, using this software on your Android device will provide you with a vastly superior experience.

File Name WhatsFapp APK
Android Version 4.3 and Above
Version v2.12.73
Total Downloads 9,000,000+
App size 23.1 MB
Cost Free
Developer Mar Suckerberg​
Last Updated 1 Hour Ago

What is Mod of WhatsFapp APK?

As great as WhatsApp is, it's clear that it's missing certain key functionality that would make it even better. This is why there are so many WhatsApp mods out there, and why we keep looking for more. Hence, allow us to introduce you to a fantastic app called WhatsFapp. All Android users should be able to download and use this software without any problems.

Developers who have previously released WhatsApp-modified apps have now released WhatsFapp, which has quickly amassed a large and dedicated user base. The obvious cause for this is the inclusion of new features that greatly improve the overall interaction with the product. You'll receive the finest experience possible with all of the options for personalization and security that this app provides.

Why Download WhatsFapp APK?

The most recent WhatsFapp Mod Apk is a modded version of WhatsApp with tons of extra features. You can't hide your last scene, copy the content of your status tale, or use any of these other capabilities in the initial version of WhatsFapp because they weren't implemented yet. Compared to the original WhatsFapp APK, this version provides enhanced security and discretion. This is a tweak for your phone that will give you access to more content.


Alternative WhatsApp Accounts

You're probably used to just being able to use one WhatsApp account per device, but WhatsFapp allows you to manage three accounts on a single phone. Many people will find this really helpful because they are able to do more at once.

Avoid Being Found by Blue Tick

A message's "Blue Tick" status indicates whether or not the recipient has really read it. Having the option to hide whether or not we have read a message is helpful for those instances when we don't want the sender to know we have read their message. With this function, we can conceal your blue tick so that your message recipients have no way of knowing whether or not you've viewed their message.

You can Conceal Your Online Presence and Last Seen Time

The ability to conceal our online and last-seen status is a great feature of this software. The feature aids us in hiding our online status and the last time we were seen by others.

Superbly Individualized

Customization, by its own nature, is thrilling, and its installation invariably improves our spirits. WhatsFapp delivers this by giving you a wide variety of impressive personalization possibilities. WhatsApp allows you to totally customize its appearance through the use of themes and other customization options.

The Ease of Use

Using WhatsFapp is just like using WhatsApp, so there's no learning curve involved. Even though it has a few more bells and whistles that aren't in the canonical release, using it is as simple a breeze as the real thing.

Cover the Current Status

A fantastic feature of the WhatsFapp MOD is that it allows you to conceal your friends' status bars. You don't need to save their number to send them a message. In addition, your status gallery and chat history are all accessible from a single page. You can also change the background image and adjust the volume rocker to suit your preferences. Program that, as the name suggests, adds new features and changes to the original WhatsApp.

Other Features

When compared to the original WhatsFapp app, its functions are more sophisticated. The modified version of WhatsFapp, called WhatsFapp Mod, has expanded capabilities. It works with any smartphone or tablet on the market. The software lets you communicate with anyone on the globe, share files, and have free video chats with up to 50 people at once. Several languages are also supported. The gallery also allows you to download the status updates of your contacts, which you can then forward to your pals.

Hide the Keyboard While you Type

WhatsFapp Mod also provides a host of other useful enhancements in addition to those already discussed. You can conceal your typing, your friends' last seen, your personal last seen, and your gallery status, among other options. In a nutshell, it enhances your WhatsApp experience. The program and its features will never give you any trouble.

Transmit High-Definition (HD) Photos and Videos

WhatsFapp Apk is an extremely well-liked instant messaging app that facilitates the exchange of numerous types of data between users. It has the ability to transfer high-definition (HD) photos and videos. The maximum video size is 50 MB, while the maximum music size is 100 MB. The app also lets people personalize their phones with an endless number of wallpapers.

What's Best?

  • Multiple accounts creation
  • Hide online status
  • Theme selector
  • Blue/grey tick hide
  • Anti-ban
  • Simple UI and more

How to Download WhatsFapp APK?

  • Click the link below
  • Allow Unknown resources from settings
  • Install the app on your Android
  • Open the app
  • Enter your number
  • Now enter OTP
  • Start using the app


WhatsFapp is well-known not just for the aforementioned capabilities, but also for the ability to conceal files and conversations within the app. Users can shield sensitive information from their social networks with this app. You can also conceal communications within the app.

To further protect your anonymity, it can conceal your physical location. In these times of rising privacy and security concerns, this is of paramount importance. You can't go wrong with WhatsFapp as your preferred messaging app. It's already great, and its many features only make it more so.


When Comparing WhatsFapp With Whatsapp, What are the Key Differences?

The original Whatsapp is great, but the modded version, called WhatsFapp, offers a ton of improvements.

Is there Any Risk in Getting the WhatsFapp Mod Apk and Utilizing it?

Downloading and using WhatsFapp Apk is entirely legitimate and risk-free.

How About an Android App?

It's not in Google Play, but you can get it from the source URL above.

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