WhatsAppX APK Download For Android (Official) 2023

Nobody can match WhatsApp’s popularity when it comes to being the most popular social media app. Yet WhatsApp X, a modified version of the original WhatsApp, is becoming more and more well-liked because of its improved features. Worldwide, WhatsApp has billions of users who use it to chat, make voice calls, and make video calls to their connections. Even though there are many other social networking apps, such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter, WhatsApp stands out for its ease of use and effectiveness.

Such a modified version of WhatsApp is called WhatsAppX APK, and it enables various privacy and customization options. You can select several lines, skins, fonts, and other elements that seem the same in iOS WhatsApp by using this mod apk. Also, it has every privacy feature.

What is WhatsAppX APK?

A popularly used customized version of the messaging software is called WhatsAppX APK. Not only is the WhatsappX apk lightweight and compact, but it also functions fairly well. There is a distinctive user interface as compared to the official Whatsapp. Another name for this is The Soula Light. The Whatsapp mod has several features, such as locking chats, hiding last-seen information, hiding second ticks, hiding blue ticks after responses, and more.

File Name WhatsAppX APK
Android Version 4.3 and Above
Version v0.
Total Downloads 9,000,000+
App size 22.5 MB
Cost Free
Developer Soula Mods
Last Updated 1 Hour Ago

What is WhatsAppX Mod APK?

Users can choose from a wide variety of features in WhatsApp mods. New typefaces, interfaces, colors, chat customization, bar customization, and many more features are among these. You will, in essence, be able to use WhatsApp for iOS on an Android handset.

This mod apk was created using the GB WhatsApp as a base and has been designed to look just like the iPhone WhatsApp. It won’t update as quickly as you update the standard WhatsApp because it’s a mod apk. To update the mod to the most recent version, you must take certain actions.

Why to Download WhatsAppX APK?

WhatsApp X is a widely used modified version of the messaging app. WhatsappX apk is not only small and light, but it also runs quite well. Compared to the official Whatsapp, there is a distinct UI. The Soula Light is another name for this. The Whatsapp mod offers a variety of functions, including locking conversations, hiding or freezing last seen, hiding blue ticks, hiding second ticks, hiding blue ticks after replies, and more.


Do Not Distrub Mode

Also, you can switch on flight mode or do not disturb, which will completely cut off your WhatsApp availability. WhatsApp won’t let you send or receive messages if you enable this option.

Privacy Chats

With the Whatsapp mod apk, better security is provided. You may now lock your WhatsApp conversations with a special pin or pattern. If the pin or pattern is not entered, nobody can listen in on the conversation. You can use several passwords to lock conversations on WhatsApp. You can use Whatsapp more securely as a result.


With the anti-ban feature of our Whatsapp mod apk, you will be protected from being banned. You won’t ever suffer a ban if you utilize Whatsapp X’s most recent version.

Disclose Blue Ticks

After answering, you can enable blue ticks on WhatsApp. This feature allows you to read messages from your friends without seeing blue ticks. If you ignore blue ticks, they won’t notice them. But if you reply, they’ll see the blue ticks.

Refrain Last Seen

With the Freeze Last Seen Whatsapp mod apk, you may freeze and hide your last seen. You will appear offline if you freeze your last seen when you are online. Because it won’t appear in your status, no one will be able to know if you’re online or not.

Mode Do Not Disturb

You can also activate flight mode or do not disturb, rendering you fully inaccessible on WhatsApp. If you enable this mode, WhatsApp will not let you send or receive messages.

Secure Chats

It provides excellent security with the Whatsapp mod apk. Your Whatsapp chats can now be locked with a unique pin or pattern. Nobody can access the conversation if the pin or pattern is not entered. Using this WhatsApp, you can lock conversations with several passwords. As a result, you can use Whatsapp in a more secure manner.

What is Best in This Features?

  • No money
  • No ad
  • No subscription
  • No advertising

How to Download WhatsAppX APK?

  • You can download the app by clicking the button above.
  • Using your file manager, you can find the file.
  • To install it, tap on it.
  • It will automatically install in a few seconds.
  • After installing the app, launch it.
  • It is necessary for you to enter your phone number to start this Whatsapp X latest conversion 2022
  • Your phone number will be contacted to receive a verification code


You now have all the knowledge you need about WhatsAppX. The remarkable features of the mod will certainly appeal to every WhatsApp user. Using the WhatsApp mod apk, you can hide or freeze the last seen. Together with locking your Whatsapp chats, you may achieve this using this app. Through this WhatsApp, you can also download status updates for WhatsApp. When you choose the download option. The most recently modified version of the original instant messaging program WhatsApp is called WhatsApp X (also known as WAX).

Compared to the official WhatsApp, it has more functionality because it is a new and customized version. One of WhatsApp X’s most impressive features is that it can even be used on a device with a limited amount of storage. Like other mod programs like GBWhatsApp Pro, YoWhatsApp, and others, it functions without any issues.


Does iOS Support The App?

Unfortunately, iOS devices cannot use it. Currently, the software can only be downloaded by Android users.

Is WhatsApp X Secure to Use?

Use of WAX is completely safe. It contains an anti-ban mechanism that guards against the suspension of your account. If you utilise this WhatsApp mod, you won’t ever be blocked.

Is the App Safe to Use?

Since the app comes with an anti-ban feature, you can use this app worry-free because it is 100% safe to use.

Is the App Available on Google Play Store?

No, since this is a modified version of WhatsApp, you can download this app from this site.

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