WhatsApp Transparent iOS Download Latest Version 2023

As you know, WhatsApp is just a text communication service, and more than 1 billion people are using it. Transparent WhatsApp is an amazing addition to the WhatsApp family. It has so many amazing features, like letting you control your call settings, as it offers so many options for that. You can freeze your last seen as well and Along with that, you can also hide your messages' descriptions. Unlike the original application of WhatsApp, with WhatsApp Transparent iOS, you can save viewable media to your phone, which will be saved in your device storage.

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What Is Transparent WhatsApp iOS?

It is undoubtedly one of the best applications for iOS as It has a number of better and more efficient features than the features available in the original WhatsApp application. It enables the users to change themes, which also include community-created themes. It has so many exciting stickers and emojis launched in it, along with amazing GIFs, which will make your conversation more interesting and fun.

Features Of Transparent WhatsApp iOS

It offers so many amazing features, like the ability to react differently depending on your context and conversation with emojis. You can also control your call settings, such as making your mode for calls active, and you can also use other different options for call rejections. You can also freeze your last seen, through which you can make your WhatsApp application on IOS more secure and private.

How To Download Transparent WhatsApp iOS

You can easily download this WhatsApp mod from the Google Play store or Google Drive. You can also download it from the official website of WhatsApp transparent by clicking the Add Link button. You will need to look for the button that says 'transparent WhatsApp IOS download' and then change the settings on your device. You simply have to go to the settings of your Ios device and search for "Unknown Sources." When you find it, click on that option to make it enabled. When your settings are enabled, then download the transparent WhatsApp ios from the link given here. It will hardly take a few minutes, and your app will be downloaded and ready to be installed.


WhatsApp Transparent iOS is a new version of WhatsApp transparent that works best for iOS. It is famous for its interface and unique design. It is basically based on GB WhatsApp, but its interface is quite different from GB WhatsApp's interface. Transparent WhatsApp iOS is a modified version of the official WhatsApp application which has an amazing interface that can be customized with different colors and themes. It also offers different font styles, through which you can make your conversations more attractive and interesting. It has also improved its privacy policies related to features.

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