WhatsApp Transparent For Web/PC Download Install For Windows

Without a doubt WhatsApp is Known As the king of communication applications it has more than a billion users that are actively using this application for communication with friends and family and even for social and business purposes, you can not deny the fact that WhatsApp offers the features that are not to be found add any other application WhatsApp is basically free to use application dirt does not demand's or asks Ford any purchasing and 8 and its developers are updating 8 it with time to time according to the demand’s off users.

What Is Whatsapp Transparent Web/PC?

WhatsApp transparent is the latest mod of the word SAP application. This mode of WhatsApp is offering features that are not available in the official application WhatsApp transparent is giving the same services to personal computers laptops and windows. Using WhatsApp transparent apk on a personal computer does not effect it's working credibility and modification even the feedback from web users is more satisfying than using it on Android devices.

Now that we know what is WhatsApp transparent web/pc then let's check out its features too.

Features Of WhatsApp Transparent Web

Here are some noticeable prominent features that WhatsApp's transparent web for personal computers:

  • With WhatsApp's transparent web you can now share up to 1GB file size at once, earlier this file size was not offered in the original application.
  • You can easily pin more than 3chats at once and their notifications will be received first among all other chats.
  • It has an amazing feature of anti-revoke messages which has made it more convenience for the user giving them better connection and liability.
  • With the WhatsApp transparent web, you can send any type of file that was not transferable or could not be received through the official WhatsApp application.
  • It allows you two transfer large recordings of voice mails or video emails at once to as many people as you want.
  • Reading the web in the app name might scare you as you might think of losing your privacy to online tracking. But this app gives you complete control over privacy and your data is not accessible to any other person, agency, or business except you.
  • It provides you with the feature of do not disturb mode so that no one can disturb you or annoys you unnecessarily at your peak times.
  • With WhatsApp's transparent web you can easily send up to 90 images at a time whereas in the official WhatsApp application the limit was set up to 30 images at one time.

Let us conclude this whole WhatsApp transparent web/pc version article:


WhatsApp transparent is undoubtedly the best mod of WhatsApp that one can use on their smart phones as well as on their personal computers, laptops, and windows. WhatsApp transparent web for personal computers is absolutely compatible and safe to use that it protects your confidential information and is secured with advanced privacy control settings.

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