WhatsApp Prime APK Download Latest Version v19.41.1 (Updated)

Just like the name of WhatsApp Prime Apk suggests, this app mod version is solely is made for the prime and modified basics of the original whasapp. You will find primed interesting features which will drive you crazy and get you over the edge with your communication.

WhatsApp Prime APK

Ever wondered why you haven’t got the results you wanted out of your communication over the texts? Ever been so disappointed by not receiving the same amount of attention from texts as you put in? Then let us tell you that it is because you are lacking this amazing version of whatsapp prime apk. So get it before it gets too late to get it for free!

WhatsApp Prime APK info

File Name WhatsApp Lite APK
Size 55 MB
Android Requires 4.0 or above
Version v19.41.1
Main Purpose WhatsApp's Extra Features
Cost Freeware
Root Required Not Root Required
Last Updated 1 Hour Ago

What Is WhatsApp Prime APK?

Whatsapp prime is interestingly the only whatsapp version that comes with modified and well adapted primed funcations. This app makes your wishes come true with amazing aspects of emojis, better fonts, background and high quality sound note features. You can send and forward chats, backup your conversations directly to your apple accounts and much more.

Now let us look into the features of WhatsApp Prime application below

Features Of WhatsApp Prime APK

There are various features on the WhatsApp Prime mod version that provide you with great oxtoxins and adrenalines.

High Quality Sound Notes

Send in more defined and enhanced sound notes over the prime whatsapp version. You will get to move these sound notes speed between 1x to 2x depending on the speed you would want to keep. There is also an interesting addition of making the sound slower so it will come handy if you have a friend who talks really fast.

Background Motions

You can add motion effects to the background of your chats over the whatsapp. You will find that anything can gain more attraction when slight motions are added so it will keep the person you are chatting with, more interested in conversation too. Keep in mind though that the next person has to have this app in order to see these motion backgrounds.

Larger Video Size

You can make and then add them to your status easily even if the video exceeds 60 MBs. The maximum level to which you can share video clips is 70 MBs which is larger than most apps provide so you are in advantage with the whatsapp prime apk. Get the videos rolling in your friends chats now with this amazing prime version!

Copy Paste Status

Did you find the last status of your friends really interesting and wished to save it with you on your device? Then there is an amazing feature of copy paste out there for you which is for your convineince. You can tap on the status on anyone and an option for copy status will appear. You can similarly paste this status directly on your status without having to download it first.

High Quality File Transfer

You can share more than 250 files at once through the whatsapp prime apk to anyone you like. This maximized quantity of the files will not wither your file quality instead you will see that this prime version will get you the best results in high quality shared form. There will be no pixel drop or any mudging of texts in your files. Everything in the file will be really clear and easy to read.

No Download Media Preview

Ever been annoyed by unnecessary files in your whatsapp chat rooms? Ever wondered if there was a real way to eliminate the unnecessary files and media without having to download them first. So get ready to delete files without downloading them first and just doing it with the preview feature. You can get the insights within the files with a single click on the preview option.

Turn Off Replies

If you are annoyed by your contacts and don’t want them to your last text or your status then you can simply choose the disable replies option from settings of whatsapp prime apk. You can this way establish a one way communication and make it easier for you to have your comfort space. So go ahead and have fun with communicating your way through whatsapp prime version.

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Now let us check out a few of the pros and cons of WhatsApp Prime APK

Advantages And Disadvantages

  • You need to develop a little pre hand understanding of the app as the app lacks beginner
  • You can send as many as 200 files over chats easily
  • You can hide your online activity in the prime whatsapp version.

If you would like to know more about this app then read the compiled questions below.


Can you use whatsapp prime apk on iOS devices?

Yes you can download and use the whatsapp prime iOS version on your devices for free.

Is Whatsapp prime apk safe to use?

Yes, whastapp prime apk is safe to use and contains no viruses.

Is whatsapp prime apk in demand nowadays?

The mod version of whatsapp have always been in demand but this pectacular version is super in demand nowadays for you to explore and enjoy.

Now that almost everything has been discussed let us conclude the whole article below:


So go ahead and add motion effects to the background and share video clips which are in 70 MBs range. Get the videos rolling in your friends chats now and enjoy the amazing feature of copy paste too. Everything in these shared files will be really clear and easy to read so enjoy as much as you can.

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