WhatsApp MOD APK v2.23.5.78 Download Latest Version 2023

WhatsApp is compatible with a wide variety of mobile platforms. Using WhatsApp MOD APK, you may send and receive messages via the web. It’s the safest and most secure mobile messaging app available.

If you want to utilize WhatsApp’s messaging or any of the other functions, you’ll need access to the Internet. Simple text messaging only works on your phone. You’ll have to pay a fee to your mobile service provider for each text message you send. In place of short messaging service (SMS) texts, calls, images, videos, documents, and voice messages, you can utilize Whatsapp Messenger.

This app has the most downloads on Android because of its simple and straightforward user interface. The software makes it simple to contact and be contacted by friends and family and for you to keep them updated on what’s going on in your life through status updates. WhatsApp enables both voice and video communication.

Download WhatsApp MOD APK

What is WhatsApp Mod APK?

To simplify its customers’ lives, WhatsApp Mod App has added a number of useful new functions and made a small number of other major adjustments. The WhatsApp Modded Android App All of the premium options, including protection against bans, are accessible without the need for any sort of in-game currency. Moreover, it has enabled additional participants to join the conference call. The premium version of WhatsApp is available for no cost at all.

File Name WhatsApp MOD APK
Size 50.6 MB
Android Requires 4.1
Version v2.23.5.78
Cost Freeware
Developer WhatsApp LLC
Main Purpose Unlocked
Last Updated 1 Hour Ago

Why to Download WhatsApp Mod APK?

WhatsApp Mod APK for Android has focused solely on the few things that upset the majority of its users. Everything in your account is 100% secure. Being a third-party app, it is immune to bans. If you want to use the mod app’s premium features, you’ll need to pay for that privilege. In addition, the maximum number of participants in a conference call has been reached. Furthermore, the two programs’ optimizations are very different from one another. In addition, the WhatsApp Hack APK has no malicious components like viruses or trojans.

Features Of WhatsApp Mod APK

Media Sharing

Communicate with your Colleagues and Friends through the exchange of Images, Videos, Documents, and Voice Messages.

Group Chat

Have fun chatting with a large number of people at once through your contact list. You may check your Whatsapp messages and status updates from any computer, tablet, or laptop with a web browser by using your phone. Simply open the app and use the QR code scanner on your web browser.

Texts and Calls

WhatsApp texts and calls to any country in the world are always free. You may avoid expensive international Roaming fees when you talk to your friends from anywhere in the world.

Whatsapp is a safe and secure way to communicate. Whatsapp uses sophisticated encryption techniques to encrypt all messages sent and received.

Refuse Usernames And PIN Codes

Why should you make yourself crazy trying to remember another password? Like text messages, WhatsApp uses your phone number and syncs with your phone’s address book.

To ensure you never miss a message, WhatsApp keeps you locked in at all times. You will always know with absolute certainty whether you are logged in or out.

Get In Touch Fast With Your Network

Your WhatsApp connections may be found in your address book, eliminating the need to remember a long list of usernames. To ensure that you always have access to your messages, even when you aren’t online, Whatsapp stores them locally on your device.

Internet Connection

WhatsApp is a free service that won’t charge you a dime, ever. But, a working Internet connection is a prerequisite for using Whatsapp. Your Internet service provider (ISP) may charge you a fee to access the Internet.

Uses your phone’s Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, if available) to send and receive messages and make calls, saving you money on texting and phone calls.

WhatsApp is Available at No Cost to Users

Whatsapp features free global audio and video calling to any other user. WhatsApp Calling allows you to get in touch with friends and family even if they are abroad and using a Roaming plan.

Emergency Services

The use of WhatsApp requires a constant data connection between your phone and the Internet. Please take note that WhatsApp Calling may only be used to contact other WhatsApp users; it cannot be used to contact 911 or other emergency services.


There are times when WhatsApp users have their accounts terminated, and all of their data is deleted. Whatsapp Mod Anti-Ban now has the answer to keeping your account safe. Because it is unofficial, no one will be able to tell that you’re using it or ban your account for any reason.

A Premium Unlocked Mod of WhatsApp APK

It’s frustrating to have the free app but not be able to use the premium features. Because of this, the WhatsApp Mod unlocked version provides access to all of the app’s premium features at no cost.

Participation in Conference Calls Is Not Limited

Keep in mind that the maximum number of participants in a WhatsApp Messenger group chat has been raised after being modded. Joining a conference call is free and easy, and you can have endless conversations with as many people as you like.

Intriguing Information

  • Only this app has not spent any money on marketing.
  • There are localized versions of this software that have been banned in 12 countries.
  • Typically, users will launch this app over 23 times.
  • WhatsApp was recently acquired by Facebook as well.
  • In terms of downloads, it’s the third most popular app in the world.

What is Best In WhatsApp Mod APK?

  1. No Money
  2. No ads
  3. No Advertisement
  4. No Subscription

How To Download WhatsApp MOD APK?

  • First, click the download button five on the page below, then go to the download page.
  • Then click the Download button and start your uninstallation process.
  • So now complete the download process to 100%.
  • Now go to the file manager of your mobile device and open the WhatsApp APK star (latest version).
  • Then find the installation option, click that, and open the unknown application.
  • Return to install and here your installation is complete.
  • Now enjoy the new features in WhatsApp APK (latest version).


If you need some additional features on your WhatsApp, they are all working again. Then today’s is yours. Here is a modified version of WhatsApp MOD APK that you can download to get some more nice and easy-to-use features. In this version, You can see deleted photos and conversations in the message section. You can send your photos and video in the original quality. If you want to download this WhatsApp MOD APK. You can find it on our website because GBAppss.Net is the most reliable website you can trust if you want to download the mod for any app.


Will my WhatsApp Account be Blocked if I use WhatsApp APK?

No, your account will not be blocked to use this WhatsApp APK, as millions of people choose to use this version.

What is the WhatsApp APK?

WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp and looks like the original WhatsApp. But this WhatsApp APK has many latest features that millions of people love.

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