WhatsApp Mix For Web/PC Download Install For Windows

Users of different social media apps do not always wish to use these apps on their phones. Some people like me are interested in communicating via Web/pc So for them, the developers have created a web/pc version of WhatsApp Mix. This version can be downloaded and used directly on your personal computers without needing external apps or software procedures.

What Is WhatsApp Mix Web/PC?

WhatsApp mix web/pc is the latest PC version of WhatsApp which can be navigated and used on personal computers. You only need a good internet connection and you would be good to use the WhatsApp mix app on your pc. It will offer the exact same features as it would on your cell phone devices so you can socialize through your computer with your friends who use cell phones. This is a great app to connect both cell phone and PC users time and time again.

Let us now check out a few features of the WhatsApp Mix Web version below:

Features Of WhatsApp Mix Web/PC

Whatsapp mix pc version offers the same features with the same working quality as it is offering to android phone users. You will find this pc version more useful than the android mix version. Followings are some prominent features of WhatsApp mix web/pc:

Ticks Removal

The WhatsApp mix web/pc will remove the blue or delivered ticks from the message you send to people on WhatsApp. You can use this feature to stay in your introvert mode and stay off socializing when you feel like it without making anyone upset. It will save you from explanations to others why you have been not replying to texts when you have seen them and more.

Non Credential Sharing

Whatsapp web/ pc tunes 100% with the Google play store’s policy which is the most reliable and attractive thing about it. Whatsapp mix web/pc has made it more secure for the users that WhatsApp mix will not compromise on any kind of its sharing credentials to any third party sources.

Adding BGMusic To Your Status

While using the Whatsapp mix web/pc version you can add music in the background of your WA stories. It also has a number of attractive filters and emojis, which you can insert on your WA mix stories and make it more exciting and intriguing to watch. You can use the downloaded music or you can add the ones the whatsapp mix library has.


So if you feel the craving of checking your WhatsApp mix social account while you are on a cell phone boycott then you can filter this craving by using this web version of WhatsApp mix. You can watch statuses, add to your status, change your bio and do everything that the android version of WhatsApp mix offers right from your personal computer. This app is easy to download and its procedure is even given on our website.

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