WhatsApp Messenger APK v2.23.7.3 Download For Android 2023

The most popular instant messaging service worldwide is WhatsApp Messenger. More than 2 billion users actively use it every day, sending more than 100 billion messages. The fact that WhatsApp Messenger APK was the first significant instant messaging program for Android has propelled it to the top.

The other person must have the app loaded in order to communicate with you using WhatsApp. Installing the messaging app increases your chances of discovering the individual you want to talk to because it is the most popular in the globe. If you allow WhatsApp Messenger access to your contacts, it will display all of your contacts who have the app installed and let you communicate with them whether they use an iOS, Windows, or Android device.

A phone number is needed to utilize WhatsApp Messaging. You can begin using the app after receiving verification through SMS. With any of your contacts, you can start a chat or join groups that have hundreds of members.

What is WhatsApp Messenger APK?

You can send text messages, voice notes, images, videos, documents, locations, contacts, GIFs, stickers, and emojis in WhatsApp Messenger chats. To settle disagreements, surveys are another option. In addition to allowing users to transmit any GIF, WhatsApp Messenger also enables users to design their own stickers using third-party programs. The app also has default packs available.

The ability to make voice or video calls both individually and in groups is also provided by WhatsApp Messenger. As a result, you won’t need to use any additional third-party applications to call your loved ones. End-to-end encryption ensures that no one other than the recipient can access the content you send in WhatsApp Messenger, and it is used for both conversations and calls.

File Name WhatsApp Messenger APK
Android Version 4.3 and Above
Version v2.23.7.3
Total Downloads 9,000,000+
App size 55.2 MB
Root Required Not Root Required
License Free
Last Updated 1 Hour Ago

What is WhatsApp Messenger MOD APK?

The most widely used cross-platform internet messaging app for communication, sharing media, and file transfer is WhatsApp Messenger. The finest messaging app for sharing instantaneous PDFs, pictures, movies, and other file types is undoubtedly WhatsApp.

The ability to host group video calls is one of WhatsApp’s key features, along with video and voice calls. And according to the firm, its end-to-end encryption feature ensures the complete security of all phone and data services shared through its network.

Why to Download WhatsApp Messenger APK?

The capacity of the software to communicate info instantaneously is what makes it so popular among its enormous global user base. You can have a private, group conversation with many people, or a huge group chat, using encrypted texting. You may effortlessly interact with a large number of individuals using group messaging and its professional tools. Phone calls. Offers media attachment support.

Features of WhatsApp Messenger APK


WhatsApp was first created for instant messaging between users, but it has now expanded to include voice calls, video calls, and audio messages.

Programmable Interface Logic

WhatsApp’s group chat function is really useful. Up to 256 people can participate in a single conversation. In addition to receiving regular push notifications on your phone, you can also tailor the experience to your liking and mute ongoing chats. The web-app version ensures that you never miss a beat in group conversations, no matter where you happen to be.

Distinct Verbalization

Sending SMS to other people who use this app is a breeze because to the built-in voice messaging options. You can always replay the audio message after sending it if you want to double-check that you said everything correctly. It’s easy for our intended meaning to get lost in translation when we’re texting. WhatsApp lets you take back texts you’ve already sent in case they cause any embarrassment or drama.

Recovering Archived Messages

With individualized alerts, you’ll never miss communication again. WhatsApp’s minimalist interface includes text boxes with time stamps so you can keep track of when you’ve received new messages at a glance. The software also features a search bar where users can type in a keyword, contact’s name, group name, or phone to quickly locate the desired result.

You can back up your conversation history to Google Drive or your phone’s internal storage if you’re concerned about losing any particularly crucial exchanges. After reinstalling the program, if you discover that you have lost important messages, you can get them back. WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption ensures that your conversations are secret even after they’ve left your device.

Features Beyond That

This program’s extras really spice up my online chats. Feel free to send your loved ones some humorous stickers and GIFs. A friend’s location, a status update, or a contact list can all be shared over this instant messaging service. This app has access to your camera, so you can take a picture and transmit it without having to switch between apps.

Share files of up to 100 MB to keep everyone in the loop. There is no way for the app to access or save any of your private communications or data. In order to log in to your WhatsApp account, the app will send a one-time passcode to the phone number you provided at registration.

Quickness and Velocity

Anyone who regularly communicates across borders or who simply wants to reduce their data use would benefit greatly from using WhatsApp. As an alternative to your phone’s default messaging software, WhatsApp is a great choice. Calling and video chatting with other users is an option, in addition to texting and transferring files between mobile devices and computers. Constant alerts and the necessity of an internet connection are two big issues with this texting app.

What is Best In WhatsApp Messenger APK

  • No Money
  • No Ad
  • No Subscription
  • No Advertisement

How To Download and Install WhatsApp Messenger APK?

  1. Go to Google chrome
  2. Click on the Download option
  3. The App will start to download
  4. Now click on the install option
  5. The process will be auto
  6. Now you can use it


The latest version of WhatsApp apk offers a more secure and exciting messaging experience. Simply by connecting to the internet, users can exchange instant messages, photos, and videos. A diverse collection of GIFs and emoticons are also available, enabling users to make conversations colorful and less confusing. Best of all, users can call loved ones from all around the globe. By syncing the app with Google Maps, users can even let their contacts know where they are currently located.


How do I block a contact on WhatsApp Messenger?

To block a contact on WhatsApp Messenger, open the conversation with that person, tap on the three dots, and select the ‘More’ option. Once there, you’ll see the option to block.

How do I activate WhatsApp Messenger?

To activate WhatsApp Messenger, enter your phone number to receive an SMS with an activation code. Then just enter the code to activate WhatsApp Messenger.

Which is better: WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Plus are two different apps. The former is the official messaging app owned by Meta Platforms, and the latter is a modified version that was very popular between 2013 and 2015.

Where can I download WhatsApp Messenger?

WhatsApp Messenger can be downloaded from many different sources. It’s available on its own official website, as well as in many app stores.

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