WhatsApp JiMods APK Download Latest Version 2023 (Updated)

JiMODs for WhatsApp surpasses all expectations. It allows you to utilize WhatsApp money on a single smartphone and has a variety of features to satisfy consumer needs. One of the most well-known apps ever is WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp JiMods APK (JT WhatsApp), on the other hand, is superior to Jmtex in that it contains an anti-block device (WhatsApp cannot reveal whether you are connected to the internet) and adds a few accessories to earlier editions. For Android smartphones, you can use identical WhatsApp debts in addition to the offered features.

What is WhatsApp JIMod APK?

You see, even the most well-known modders have a personal model. One of the most well-known WhatsApp mods is WhatsApp Plus, but since users wanted more, WhatsApp JiMODs (JTWhatsApp) was developed.

Jimtechs and WhatsApp JiMODs have similar outcomes. It performs a variety of tasks to satisfy user needs and enables WhatsApp debts on a single smartphone.

  • Inbuilt anti-ban.
  • Hide Read Status, Receipt Status, Play Status,
  • Typing, Recording, and more.
  • The Anti-Revoke feature won’t let the sender delete the messages sent to you.
  • Share up to 90 photos at once.
  • No loss in image quality while sending it to anyone.
  • Change the size of every element, like fonts, symbols, status, etc.
  • Colorful customization.

WhatsApp JiMods APK File Details

File Name WhatsApp JiMods APK
Android Requires 4.2+
Version v9.52
Downloads 200000+
Size 57.1 MB
Root Required Not Root Required
Main Purpose WhatsApp's Extra Features
Last Updated 1 Hour Ago

What is the Mod of WhatsApp JIMod APK?

Both WhatsApp and Telegram What’s app appears to be the undisputed leader, which is due to the people’s choice, as evidenced by the steadily growing number of users for what’s an app, the app that is by default present on any specific mobile device. JiMODs Apk is a significant leader in the messaging innovation industry. Although telegram is well-known and has established its presence, WhatsApp seems to be the unanimous leader. After discussing the app's main benefits, it might be wise to discuss some of its drawbacks, such as security and privacy concerns, as these are still uncharted territory.

JiMODs for WhatsApp apk Giving the MODS a chance to grow or enter the scene is not advantageous. The JiMODs APK app by Jimtech, which has an anti-ban feature, goes above and beyond any standard app. The other well-known MODS is WhatsApp plus. One appealing aspect of WhatsApp JiMODs Apk is the ability to have two accounts open at once on the same smartphone.
Setup prior to installation

Why Download WhatsApp JIMod APK?

  • Customization of the app is possible with the available themes
  • you can change the elements like size, color, and icon elements by using what’s app JiMOD’s APK
  • Can send large videos up to 30 MB
  • Can send up to 90 photos in one shot
  • Original photo quality is retained the photo quality is not compromised
  • The limit of words to update the status is increased to 250 words
  • One can check the status of contacts while the chatting is being done
  • There is an option to hide the last seen message status while you are still chatting


Video Files

Video files contacts can receive and send.

Additional Photos Please

When a festival approaches, do you want to show all the photos to your best friend? Only 10 photographs may be shared at a time using the official app, which could be better. But you can transfer up to 90 images at once on JTWhatsApp.

There is no Image Compression

Upset about the WhatsApp image quality? Hey, WhatsApp Messenger’s image compression technique is the problem, not the camera on your cellphone. It is available since it takes less time to share the photographs. Yet their users are affected by it. Relax; everyone can share original quality photos on JTWhatsApp without any image quality compression.

Themes and Personalization

Do you enjoy making a lot of customizations and using unique themes? The official WhatsApp does not allow for such customization, except those chat wallpapers, if you are the one. But, you may access hundreds of themes, icons, GIFs, notification icons, emojis, and undoubtedly more things with JTWhatsApp.
It is customizable, allowing you to alter the colors, sizes, and various other features.

Extra Upload Limit

You can now extend the basic 16 Mb upload media limit to send more extensive music or video files.

Full Image Quality

As the image is sent, its quality improves (the original one decreases it).
The original “WhatsApp” is ad-free.

Quick Share

You can use one click to share music.

Partial Copy/Paste

You can choose the section you want to send to contacts rather than copying the entire text.

Watch Status

While conversing, you can view the status right in the chat window.

Hide Profile Picture

You can choose to show or hide contact profile photos (in the chat screen).

A Ton of Themes

Theme viewer and download built-in. Browse WhatsApp+ users’ themes online and use the one you like most.

What's New

  • No money
  • No ad
  • No subscription
  • No advertisement

How to Download and Install WhatsApp JIMod APK?

  • First of all, download the application by clicking on the above-provided link.
  • Open the Phone setting, then go to the security tab. Allow unknown sources.
  • Open File Manager and then find the download file and install it.
  • Open the application after installation and enter your details and country code.
  • The app will send an OTP to your registered phone no. Enter OTP and now enjoy the latest features.


Although many messaging apps are available for users, new ones are constantly and steadily appearing on the market. JiMODs apk is an example of an app that has evolved over time based on user needs and requirements. The users were in need of features that standard WhatsApp didn’t offer, so they turned to these JiMODs apks to find what they were looking for.

One of the most used messaging apps on the MODS platform, the app also includes a number of other helpful functions. It is highly advised for those who want to customize the app and have more than two WhatsApp accounts.JiMODs WhatsApp+ or JT WhatsApp 2023 is a modified version of the original WhatsApp, and JiMetechs develop it by the developer Jim Elrezzi. This version is very similar to YOWhatsApp, and there is one version of JTWhatsApp that works next to the original WhatsApp with a different phone number.


Should I Do These WhatsApp JiMOD?

Okay, the messaging app is restricted as it has the entire freedom of the app.

This is why the brand new paradigm of famous messages seems time and again within the renowned WhatsApp JiMODS (JT WhatsApp) model, which nevertheless has an anti-ban machine. The authentic model has extra functions and helps you to use WhatsApp debts on an identical smartphone.

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