WhatsApp Black Gold APK v25.00 Download Latest Version 2023

A well-known WhatsApp mod called WhatsApp Black Gold APK has capabilities that the stock version of WhatsApp does not have. In comparison to the original WhatsApp app on your phone, Gold WhatsApp offers a lot more features. To give your app a fresh look, you are free to change it as you choose.

Abu Arab primarily created this modified version of WhatsApp to provide users with a tonne of capabilities and free them from the constrained features and functionalities of the official WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Black Gold APK?

Is a modified version of the official WhatsApp app that works with the original version and has a dark theme or mode. In other words, you don’t need root access to have two WhatsApp accounts on your Android device.

The dark mode, which is one of the key features of this, is absent from the basic mode. Users can switch from the default white background theme to a dark theme using the UI functionality. Seeing that the majority of apps now include this dark mode, WhatsApp Dark is the greatest for your eyes because it relieves some of the strain.

File Name WhatsApp Black Gold APK
Android Version 4.3 and Above
Version v25.00
Total Downloads 9,000,000+
App size 59.4 MB
Cost Free
Developer Abu3rab
Last Updated 1 Hour Ago


What is WhatsApp Black Gold Mod APK?

What we have seen in other programs like FM, GB, or Plus is what this MOD delivers. In other words, greater options for graphical interface customization with new styles, themes, icons, or typefaces. It offers a unique menu where users may select from a variety of features that are by no means included in the original WhatsApp Messenger.
Some of the extra features in WA Black Gold include the following:

  • Instant message response.
  • Programming for transmitting messages.
  • Contemporary privacy features.
  • Supporting multiple accounts.
  • Several UI themes are available.
  • Different notification icons.
  • There are many different app icons, including
  • soccer team crests.

Why to Download WhatsApp Black Gold APK?

Themes, fonts, colors, and other customization options are available with Abu3rab. Also, you may use one of your photos or any of the numerous images the app offers to modify the background image of WhatsApp Black Gold. In addition, there is a tonne of unique features, like call blocking and voice call recording, that are useful in certain circumstances.

Viber, WeChat, and Telegram are just a few of the SMS-related apps that WhatsApp Black Gold is a great replacement for. Because it exclusively uses one-way encryption for all messages sent and received by Whatsapp users, it is more feature-rich and safe than these apps. As a result, it is more difficult for hackers to intercept your messages.


Dark Mode

As one of the key drivers behind the creation of this software, this is the first dark mode. Given that the majority of apps today have this function, it is obvious from the app’s name that it will provide you access to dark mode, which is incredibly nice and convenient.
You’ll all adore this additional wonderful feature, enhanced security. You’ll find some truly incredible and cutting-edge security measures here that will provide you with the greatest experience ever.

Original WhatsApp UI

If you’re wondering what the interface will look like, you’ll only get the original WhatsApp interface. It is quite simple to use and won’t present any challenges or

Hidden Blue Tick

Blue Tick can tell if you’ve opened a message or not and lets you know if someone has seen your message or not. You can quickly conceal blue ticks with the aid of this software, which is a terrific function if you don’t want other people to know.

Basic WhatsApp also offers the option to hide the last seen, but doing so has some restrictions because doing so prevents you from seeing the last seen information for other users. You can all hide your last seen while others can see it thanks to this great app.

Chats can be hidden using the new WHATSAPP BLACK GOLD APK’s ability to do so. As a result, you can conceal any chat without first setting a password for it. Disable chat alerts first if you enable this option.


You can allow WHATSAPP BLACK GOLD APK to change the background image on all of its screens and applications. Also, you may design your own icons in the colors of your choice for each group, as well as a unique font that can be used throughout the entire application or just for that particular group.


The privacy protocol that comes with WHATSAPP BLACK GOLD APK may be its greatest benefit. By hiding the read information in the app, you can stop the blue bits from showing as you read the message. When you view your contacts’ status updates, it also notifies them.

Blue Ticks

We frequently receive messages, and read them, but are unable to respond to them for unknown reasons. What is the remedy? The blue dots will only show up when you reply to the sender and not merely when you read the message after installing Gold WhatsApp.

Interface for Users

In addition to privacy, WHATSAPP BLACK GOLD APK lets you completely personalize your chat interface. From the font’s style and size to its colors, there are

Anti-Delete Messages

The recipient will see “This message has been erased, thus, they will not know which message the sender sent” if the sender deletes the message after it has been delivered. You will be able to view the deleted messages using this WhatsApp APK.

Plan your Messages

On WHATSAPP BLACK GOLD APK, you can make a private message for a specific day and send it to a select set of contacts on a specific day, then send it at the designated time and location. It is automatically sent.

Make Messages Specific

While receiving a significant number of discussions using this function, it only presents you with the interface of those conversations that you choose to participate in.

What is Best in this WhatsaApp?

  • No ad
  • No subscription
  • No advertisement
  • Easy to use

How to Download WhatsApp Black Gold APK?

  • Download WHATSAPP BLACK GOLD APK from the link above.
  • Enable Unknown Sources on your Android device.
  • Go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources.
  • Open the downloaded file and click on the Install button.
  • Now open WhatsApp dark mode and enter your number.


You can upload a few diverse variants to your account, allowing you to utilize many numbers simultaneously. There is no limit on the number of numbers that can be added to your account. You can change the colors in your chats and messages to make them look more inviting to other people. Moreover, you can add numerous profile pictures to your account, so you no longer need to switch between pictures every time you want to enlarge a part of your profile picture.


Is it safe to use this app on my device?

Yes, it is entirely safe to use this app on your device.

How can I uninstall this app from my device?

You can uninstall the mod app as you do with other apps.

Can I use this application on more than one device?

No, only one device at a single time. If you want to use this app on another machine, you need first to uninstall the old one.

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