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The WhatsApp B58 APK is a free download that reduces the size of the popular messaging program. To help its users gain access to even more cool new features, it was built from the ground up. As everyone knows, right now, WhatsApp is the most widely used free messaging software in the world. Certain functionality, such as downloading one’s status or viewing one’s deleted status, viewing one’s deleted messages, and customizing one’s UI, are disabled for security concerns.

What is WhatsApp B58 APK?

A version of the popular messaging program WhatsApp that uses less bandwidth without sacrificing any of its core features. It provides a higher level of anonymity so that you are not concerned about privacy breaches and allows you to keep your discussions on Google Drive. The WhatsApp B58 Mini version is a slimmed-down variant of the original app. This app includes everything you need to keep in touch with your loved ones and make new ones. Conversations can also be archived on Google Drive.

File Name WhatsApp B58 APK
Android Version 4.3 and Above
Version Latest Version
Total Downloads 9,000,000+
App size 26.1 MB
Root Required Not Root Required
Main Purpose WhatsApp with Extra Features
Last Updated 1 Hour Ago

Most importantly, it has robust privacy protections, so your data is safe from prying eyes. Some of its features are as follows:

  • Protects your communications by encrypting them from beginning to end.
  • Calls can be made using either WiFi or cellular data; messages can be automatically forwarded Removed messages are gone for good.

What is WhatsApp B58 MOD APK?

Mods for the WhatsApp IM and chatting app are designed to add features to the base program that aren’t available by default. Our options are expanding daily; we’re used to modded versions of WhatsApp like WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, and now WhatsApp B58. This APK includes a number of convenient tools for controlling the app’s settings and providing more ways for the user to personalize the app’s appearance and functionality.

You can either get better at protecting your privacy or make some adjustments to the software. If you want more features when chatting, download the apk now. However, keep in mind that you are taking some risks by using it, as it is a third-party app that will have access to all of your messages unless you manually delete them.

More privacy and customization features have been added to WhatsApp B58, a developer version of the popular messaging software.

Why To Download WhatsApp B58 APK?

For those looking for specialized WhatsApp modifications apk with lots of cool extras, try the WhatsApp B58 MiNi. In addition to this, you’ll also gain some truly remarkable qualities. There’s no disputing, though, that you won’t be able to use such functions in the official version of WhatsApp.

But unlike WhatsApp, the client app will not be the only thing you get in terms of privacy enhancements. The communication can also be archived in a cloud service, such as Google Drive.

After that, it displays full-screen security so you can lock the app from within the virtual world. Other features, such as last-seen-freeze, blue-tick-hiding, second-tick, and a whole lot more, are made available by these mods. The upgrades come packed with features that you can use immediately. Therefore, let’s find out what’s new in the most recent release.


Deleted Status Can Be Viewed

In what is perhaps one of WhatsApp B58 Mini’s nicest features, users can just hit a button to download the status updates of all of their WhatsApp contacts at once. In order to get the status, you no longer need to install a separate app.

A contact’s deleted status can still be viewed by using WhatsApp B58 Mini’s anti-status-delete feature. Members can also choose to respond to deleted status updates.

In Ghost Mode

individuals are able to conceal their identity from anyone who happens to be checking their status. You can choose to remain anonymous when seeing a contact’s status, so they won’t know you’ve peeked at it.

The ability to back up to Google Drive is a must-have. Because of this, users may back up their WhatsApp accounts directly and effortlessly through Google.

Anti-Revoke Message

is an awesome addition to WhatsApp that is unfortunately not included in the official version. In this way, users can see their deleted communications even after they’ve been permanently erased. People can view and respond to communications that have been removed with ease.

The app’s interface can be modified by the user with little effort and no additional expense. They can customize the look of the program in many ways, including the theme, font, icon, chat color, style, and notification bar. More than 150 skins are available for instant download and use.

Lock Your Conversation

Users can lock their conversations with a PIN, fingerprint, or pattern on the WhatsApp B58 Mini. Using this method, you can have peace of mind that even the most sensitive conversations remain between you and the intended recipient. Users have the option of creating unique passwords for each conversation.

Modify Call Settings

Users can modify their call settings to either accept or disallow incoming calls from specific numbers. DND Mode – When users choose Do Not Disturb mode, they are effectively offline and cannot receive or send any messages.

Hide Last Seen

Users can hide their last seen and put a temporary freeze on it through the privacy settings. When a user selects the option to have a blue tick appear after replying to a message, they can read it without alerting the sender or recipient that they have done so.

What is Best In This WhatsApp B58 APK

  • No Money
  • No Ad
  • No Advertisement
  • No Subscription
  • Easy to Use

How To Download and Install WhatsApp B58 APK?

  1. Download the WhatsApp B58 Mini APK from the given link.
  2. Open your phone setting and turn on the “Allow Installation from Unknown Sources” option.
  3. Now go to file manager and find out the downloaded apk file and then Install the file easily.
  4. Now Tab on the Whatsapp B58 Mini icon and enjoy the super cool advanced features of WhatsApp.


Using WhatsApp B58 Mini will provide you access to a wide variety of cool features. If you want to modify WhatsApp without spending a dime, this is the best programme available. Immediately after reading this, go download the app and start using it!

In addition to GBWhatsApp Pro, Fouad WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Lite, we also provide a number of other WhatsApp mods on our site. To get a taste of these apps for yourself, you can get the following app from our website. Our website only features apps that can be used without worry.


What are the features of WhatsApp B58?

The WhatsApp B58 arrives with lots of excellent traits. But, the privacy features are worth noting as you will attain the power to control the blue tick and double-tick notifications. Moreover, you can also freeze the last seen status according to your wish.

Is WhatsApp B58 safe?

Using any WhatsApp mod is not safe as the official WhatsApp might be able to track down your account and ban it from the servers. So, there’s a slight risk, but if you want to use this mod apk properly, we highly recommend using your spare number. It will avoid the risk to some extent.

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