WhatsApp Arab APK Download (Official) Latest Version 2023

A WhatsApp mod called WhatsApp Arab APK adds a range of emoticons that are fully based on Arab culture to make chat more fascinating and engaging for everyone. While there is no difference between GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp, this mod named WhatsApp Arab was created with the Arab population in mind.

But, it also provides us with emojis that feature common Arab cultural motifs and feature individuals dressed similarly. Together with this curiosity, it has a number of other features. Also, WhatsApp Arab provides us with an anti-ban capability. So, using this WhatsApp with the official WhatsApp is simple. If you use this altered WA, you won’t get banned. The chat and the group are both in the same location on the official WhatsApp app. Nevertheless, in this modified app, all of your groups are located in various locations. You won’t have any trouble chatting with your pal.

What is WhatsApp Arab APK?

WhatsApp Arab APK is an excellent tool for text messaging and making audio and video conversations. This social communication app has been primarily modified from the original app to meet the needs of the Arabic-speaking community.

This WhatsApp Arab app offers a number of unique features and capabilities not found in other comparable modded apps. It is an unofficial, independent, open-source application. As a result, Android users can alter the appearance of their devices utilizing a variety of aspects.

It is increasingly popular among Arabic speakers as a communication tool. As a result, many individuals select the WhatsApp Arab program to interact and connect with others.

File Name WhatsApp Arab APK
Android Version 4.3 and Above
Version v6.40
Total Downloads 9,000,000+
App size 35.5 MB
Cost Free
Developer WhatsApp Arab
Last Updated 1 Hour Ago

What is WhatsApp Arab Mod APK?

Also, this WhatsApp can be tailored to your preferences. Many styles and fonts are available in this WhatsApp. You already know that this Book is based on Arabic culture, therefore it should come as no surprise that many of the topics are drawn from their civilizations and religions. Moreover, WhatsApp offers a wide variety of stunning emoticons based on Arabic culture. These emojis dress in various ways that reflect Arabic culture. These emoticons can be used to improve your chat.

Why to Download WhatsApp Arab APK?

And since there aren’t many changes between GBWhatsApp and this MOD dubbed WhatsApp Arab, which was created with the Arabic community in mind. It also provides us with emojis that feature common Arab cultural themes and depict individuals in djellabas and related garb. In addition to this curiosity, it has the following qualities:

  • User interface personalization.
  • The ability to hide our online status and most recent connection time without removing the potential of seeing such information about other users gives us more control over our privacy.
  • Automated answers.
  • The ability to replicate our friends’ statuses.
    90 photos can be sent all at once.
  • Use this function to download our contacts’ stories.
  • Several themes were available for download.



When utilizing any social networking platform, privacy and security are our top priorities. If you’ve used this version of WhatsApp, you’ve probably noticed that privacy has been given top importance. You can choose to hide your online status and a variety of other things.

Emojis that are Inspired by Culture

This app is inspired by Arabic culture, thus you’ll find a wide variety of emojis that will completely immerse you in Arabic culture. A feature like this has never been present in WhatsApp mode before.

Auto Reply

This version has a great feature called Auto Reply. Just a few settings need to be changed, and you’re good to go. If you are unavailable, an automatic response will be sent to a person.

Sharing Media

The official app allows you to send 90 photos at once to a missing person.

Copy Status

Sometimes, we see someone’s highly inspiring and engaging status on WhatsApp, but we are unable to copy it. Using this software, you may now clone the status of any of your friends.

You’ll all adore this fantastic function, which allows you to download stories. Using this software, you can download stories from any of your contacts. Isn’t it fantastic?

Don’t Disturb Mode (DND)

This software has a very useful option called DND mode. By turning off the notifications, calls, and texts, you can avoid being distracted if you enable this option.

Improved Privacy

You can modify your privacy settings to hide your profile image, description, and online status as well as your last-seen information. So, no one knows you're true identity or whether you are available online.
Emojis, stickers, emoticons, GIFs, smiles, and other increased instant reaction elements are available in greater quantities with the WhatsApp Arabe application. As a result, you may instantly express your response, emotion, and mood.

Free Download

Installing and utilizing the features of this app are free. For Android users, it is completely free.

What is Best in this Feature?

  • More privacy
  • No ads
  • Additional features
  • Status saver

How to Download This APK

  • First of all download the APK file of WhatsApp Arab from the link given above.
  • After downloading the app file, go to your phone’s Settings >> Security >> Allow Unknown Sources If it’s already enabled or if it’s on, then you need to worry or not there is something that your is not with me.
  • Next, open WhatsApp Arab from the notification bar or the Downloads menu and allow access to everyone.
  • You have successfully installed and can start using WhatsApp Arab APK


The WhatsApp Arab APK is an excellent tool for communication. It is tailored with the Arab people in mind. It increases the users’ enjoyment and interest in conversing. Its availability of themes, emojis, emoticons, and other elements influenced by Arab culture makes it appealing.

As a result, users adore the software greatly.


What is WhatsApp Arab?

WhatsApp Arab is a communication app modifying and customizing from official WhatsApp. Now, you can connect and communicate throughout the world like the original one. It is a likable app as it has several additional features that are not available in WhatsApp.
It is mentioned-worthy that this is designed for the Arab region’s people.

Is WhatsApp Arab Legal for Android Users?

Obviously, it is 100% legal for android smart mobile users. You do not face legal hassle whenever you install and run the app. Overall, it completed all legal procedures before starting its journey in the market.
Besides, it never violates any rules and regulations to set up the app.

Do I Communicate Like the Original WhatsApp by Using WhatsApp Arab?

Yes, you can connect and communicate all over the globe like an official app. You feel comfortable as it has attractive new features that you do not find in the original one. So, you can maintain virtual communication smoothly and quickly.

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