Safe Usage of WhatsApp MODs (GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, YoWhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp)

If you are a fan of mod apk which you should be then you must have asked yourself this question several times ‘Will this mod apk be safe to download?' It is difficult and risky when using the mod apk files because there is always a threat of privacy breaches or stealing of data. All the mod apk users have asked us this question of how they can make sure that the mod apks they are using are safe, especially the WhatsApp mod apk. So in this article, we will sum up ways how you can have safe usage of WhatsApp mods.

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Different MODS of WhatsApp

There are many different mod versions of WhatsApp like GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp prime, WhatsApp mix, GBWhatsApp Pro, OGWhatsApp, WhatsApp plus, Fouad WhatsApp, etc. All of these mods have specific features that it offers but the basic features of each are similar to each other.

What are GBWA, Whatsapp Plus, OGWA, and Fouad Whatsapp?

These are the different mod or modified versions of WhatsApp which allow you to use extra features of WhatsApp that the real app does not provide. The GBWA, Whatsapp Plus, OGWA, and fouad WhatsApp are created by different developers and all of them have added certain features that do not match each other. These specific features make these mods unique and attract more users to them than the real app.

Now that you know what different mods of WhatsApp are, let us check out safer ways to use these mods:

Ways To Safely Use Whatsapp MODS

Since WhatsApp has to maintain its popularity, it bans any account that is connected to any of these mod versions of WhatsApp. The original WhatsApp terms and conditions would be violated if any user is found using the mod version of WhatsApp so if you are looking for ways to avoid getting banned from WhatsApp then we will share a few tips below to save you from getting banned.

Use A Temporary Phone Number Instead Of a Primary

The first way to stay safe while using the mod apks is to temporarily use any phone number instead of utilizing the one you frequently use. This will save you from stealing your personal data and other accounts. You can also generate a temporary phone number through different apps as there are many apps and websites on the internet that provide such services.

Do Not Accept Notifications Without Understanding

In real or virtual life, what mistakes most people make is that they do not read the description of notifications they receive and press allow button which could lead to serious consequences. This could be hackers trying to steal your data so make sure you do not accept anything that pops up on your screen without proper understanding.

Features To Avoid In Whatsapp Mods

The different MODS of WhatsApp (GBWA, OGWA, and WA+) offer different types of amazing features. But sometimes using these features wrong could lead to a ban on your WhatsApp account so let us provide you a brief description of using these features right below.

Using Long Statuses

In the GBWA or Fouad WhatsApp, you can find the feature of posting lengthy statuses in which you can use as many characters as you like while typing or you can post a long-length video on your status too. So this could result in you getting banned from WhatsApp permanently and even from its mod versions. None of the mod version of WhatsApp now offers this feature because their users getting banned.

DND or the Do Not Disturb Mode

The DND or the do not disturb mode is a common feature of all the mod versions of WhatsApp. This feature prevents getting unnecessary WhatsApp notifications and avoiding communication when you are busy. The user will not receive notifications from WhatsApp mods when this mode is active. You should no longer use this feature because it could lead to you getting banned from WhatsApp too.

Privacy features:

You will likely find features of hiding online status, blue ticks, writing long status, etc in the privacy settings of the mods of
WhatsApp. You should avoid using all of these features at once.


Is it safe to use WhatsApp mods?

Yes, it is safe to use the WhatsApp mod versions especially when you download them from a reliable source like this website. You can check out other mentioned features from this article to find out how you can safely use these mods.

Which WhatsApp mod is best and safe?

There are many different WhatsApp mods but the safest and best mods of all are as follows:

  • The GB WhatsApp apk
  • The fouad WhatsApp apk
  • The og WhatsApp apk

These are the top three best mod versions of WhatsApp that we recommend using.

What is the safest way to use GB WhatsApp?

The safest way to use GB WhatsApp is to first be aware of the threats. Once you know what you need to avoid, you can avoid it easily.

Is it safe to install mods?

While mods are highly in demand because of the extra free features they offer, they do bring some risk with them. There is always a risk of viruses or bugs when downloading these mods.

Which is the safest site for MOD APK?

The safest site for downloading the mod apks is this website. We make sure that every link is virus and threat free so you can safely download any mod version you like.

Let us now conclude the whole Safe Usage of WhatsApp MODs article below:


The original WhatsApp terms and conditions would be violated if any user is found using the mod version of WhatsApp so to stay safe while using the mod apks is to use any temporary phone number and not the primary one. Also, make sure you do not accept everything that pops up on your screen. Avoid excessive use of lengthy status, DND, and privacy features.

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