Royal WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 2023 ( Updated )

There has been a demand for extra features with extra functionality, so, developers of the WhatsApp application were striving to make the best version of WhatsApp, which will not only have extra features with efficient functionality but will also fulfill all the possible demands of users. As the other mods of WhatsApp applications are also very popular like OG WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, and YoWhatsApp, just like them another best modification of WhatsApp is Royal WhatsApp.

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Details About Royal WhatsApp

One thing about WhatsApp applications that is very honest about it is, WhatsApp always disclose their details about the application, which develops the trust of the application of people using it. Talking details of Royal WhatsApp, it has basically an app size of 21.4 MBs. It is developed by a developer name Sam. It basically requires a 5.5 or above android version for the device to download this app on your phone.

File Name Royal WhatsApp APK
Version Latest
Android Requires 5.0+
Size 50 MB
Total Downloads 8,000,000+
Root Required Not Root Required
Cost Free
Last Updated 1 Hour Ago

How To Get Royal WhatsApp APK On Your Android Devices?

As the WhatsApp application is known for its user-friendly services, the users do not usually face any problems, and never complain about its procedure for downloading and installing the app. Just like downloading the other versions of WhatsApp on your devices, Royal WhatsApp follows the same procedure. It hardly takes minutes for downloading the app, and it does not have any hard or tough procedures. You simply have to follow 3 to 4 easy steps to get an app on your android devices.

Features Of Royal WhatsApp

All of the features of the original application of WhatsApp are already present in royal WhatsApp, but the other additional exclusive features are the followings:

No Barrie To File Format:

As with the original version of the WhatsApp application, there were certain kinds of files could be transferred. For transferring a specific file, the users had to download a separate application for that, but now with Royal WhatsApp, you can transfer any kind of file to anyone at any time. Now, you don't have to worry about the format of your files.

More Character Limits:

In the original WhatsApp, the character limit was set up to 144 characters for updating your WhatsApp status, which was low. Now, with Royal WhatsApp, the character limit has been increased to 255 characters, which is comparatively more than that. In this way, you can express your WhatsApp status more than usual.

Zoom-In Option:

Royal WhatsApp has this amazing feature of zooming in the profile pictures of other contacts. You can zoom into profile pictures of other contacts without their knowledge. Along with that, you can even save profile pictures of other contacts. There will be an option available, through which you can save the profile pictures, and pictures will get saved in your phone's storage.

Advance Privacy Options:

As WhatsApp is known for its security and privacy of data, this new modded version of WhatsApp has enhanced its privacy options. The level of privacy has got better with this version. It enables the users to remain private by hiding their blue ticks and seen statuses. Along with that, you can set privacy in groups and chats, the way you want.

New Exciting Emoji And Stickers:

This mod of WhatsApp has introduced new emojis and stickers to users, which seem very interesting and exciting. You can also clear out these emoji and stickers any time you want.

WhatsApp Data Storage:

Now with Royal WhatsApp, you can do backup up your data very easily. In the original application of WhatsApp, this option was not available to users at the app, but with royal WhatsApp, this allows the functioning of backing up data at any time.

Sending Messages To Anyone Not On Contact List:

At the original WhatsApp, the user can not send messages to a person which is not in your contact list. But, with Royal WhatsApp, now you can send messages and start conversations with anyone you want, which is not even in your contact list, and whose number is not saved in your application.

Seeking Help From Help Centre:

For using Royal WhatsApp, you must have little knowledge about the app and how the features work. If you are facing any difficulty in downloading or even understanding the features of the app, you don't have to worry about that, the help center of Royal WhatsApp is just a text away. You can contact them anytime, their services are available 24/7. If you find it difficult to take help from the help center, you can Google it as well. The official website of WhatsApp, all the possible instructions and guidelines are available there.


As WhatsApp has become the need of modern times. People are considering it a convenient way of communication. It has become part of the private as well as social life of people. WhatsApp application has grown rapidly, and almost every other social media user is using this app on a daily basis of life. WhatsApp has introduced so many exciting versions, that are very famous among users. Royal WhatsApp has so many exciting features with efficient working credibility and functionality that the users are converting to it faster day by day.

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