RC YoWhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version 2023

Do you wish to be included in the RC YoWhatsApp APK family and use the famous messaging app as well to stay in touch with your family, friends, and even people from your professional life? then you should check out the features available within the app. This app has been in and out the most favorite app for WhatsApp messaging app users as they get additional advantages from this app.

RC YoWhatsApp APK


RC YoWhatsApp APK: App info

File Name RC YoWhatsApp APK
Size 70.3 MB
Android Requires 5.0+
Version Latest Version
Downloads 100,000+
Cost Freeware
Root Required Not Root Required
Last Updated 1 Hour Ago

What Is Rc YoWhatsApp Apk?

RC YoWhatsApp APK is an edited version of whatsapp that can be used to chat, video call, and share pictures, videos, and live locations plus it also comes with updated interesting features like up-to-date installations and modified updates which are otherwise not available on the other mod apps. This version is highly addictive but in a good way as you get to have healthy features. You will find limit and timer settings within the app and you can also see your status views even when read receipts are turned off.

Now let us look into the features of RC YoWhatsApp application that might somehow spark your interest in Installing it.

Features Of Rc YoWhatsApp APK

There are various features on the RC YoWhatsApp mod version that provide the user with a very satisfying experience. So lets check a few of them out:

Better privacy features

With RC YoWhatsApp APK, you can protect your privacy in a better way by hiding your privacy and online status from other people while you're online. Now you can easily ignore someone without making them realize that you're doing it. There is even an option for you to hide your blue text so that you can read a message without letting the sender know that his/her message has been read.

Better customization on a larger scale

This feature now allows you to better customize your chats with different people. You will be able to mark important messages using stars now. You can even send larger files, audio, and videos as well. This will save you from any hassle of converting your documents to a smaller-sized PDF.

Improved performance

Efficiency like never before with RC YoWhatsApp APK allows the user to have a pleasant experience by allowing your phone to run smoothly without hanging frequently with an overall excellent performance while being used. So you don't have to worry about your phone lagging while utilizing this application anymore.

Quick Search

You can search for texts, files, images, documents, voice notes, and so much more on RC YoWhatsApp APK by just clicking on the search option. You can do a general search to find a particular document or text in your chat.

Transparent background

Using RC YoWhatsApp APK you can make the background of your screen while using the app to turn transparent so that the background of your homescreen shows instead. This one is remarkable feature which makes the app unique in an attractive way.

Better Anti-ban system

Since RC YoWhatsApp APK is made by third-party developers and is not made by the official Whatsapp Developers It has always been very likely for Whatsapp to block such third-party applications if they get informed about them being used but not with Whatsapp transparent as our features now help protect you from getting banned less likely by official Whatsapp developers.

Larger Audio Sharing

Larger Audios can now be shared as well according to your convenience anytime now as well without any limits. So if you want to send a voice note lecture, now is the right time to push the send button with RC YoWhatsApp APK.

Do Not Disturb Mode

This is also a very unique feature that allows you to turn on your do not disturb mode and then you won't be able to receive messages from anyone. Whether you want to study, work or cook this feature is perfect when you do not want to receive any texts or calls from your contacts. Until you deactivate this option you won't be receiving any texts.

Now let us check out a few of the pros and cons of RC YoWhatsApp APK:

Advantages And Disadvantages

  • It requires you to Set up a proper android version for running it so if you don't have one that is compatible with this application then this app is not for you, unfortunately.
  • Plenty of new and more features to play around and choose from by downloading RC YoWhatsApp APK
  • Send more than 30 pictures or keep your online status hidden from users.

Visitors have always questions regarding these apps so we have listed a few important questions below for your help too!


Is it hard to download RC YoWhatsApp APK?

Donwloading the RC YoWhatsApp APK is super easy and does not require much work.

Is RC YoWhatsApp APK safe to use?

Yes, RC YoWhatsApp APK is safe to use and contains no viruses.

Is RC YoWhatsApp APK different than Gb whatsapp apk?

Although a few similar features exist in both apps but the RC YoWhatsApp APK beats GB whatsapp apk with its more enhanced features.

Now that almost everything has been discussed let us conclude the whole article below:


So the app is great for any user and provides many features similar and unique to the original whatsapp app available. You can send Large-sized files, audio, and videos can also be sent without much hassle! With this great app, if you're willing to explore more than the ordinary features, then press the download button now!

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