OGWhatsApp Pro APK Download (Official) Latest Version April 2023

It is one of the top messaging apps available thanks to these features. OG The latest APK for WhatsApp has new features as well. Some of these capabilities include masking your online status and erasing sent messages. The excellent and cost-free alternative to WhatsApp Plus is OGWA.

What is OGWhatsApp Pro APK?

OG The well-known messaging service has been changed by WhatsApp. It offers its users a straightforward, useful, and secure means of communication. They enhanced this mod with new features to give users more security and privacy. In order to make its users feel safer, OGWhatsApp APK offers them greater security options, including the ability to choose who can view their profile photographs, status updates, and contact information.

OGWhatsapp Pro APK File Details

File Name OGWhatsApp Pro APK
Android Requires 4.2+
Version v17.30
Downloads 100000+
Size 55.8 MB
Root Required Not Root Required
Main Purpose WhatsApp's Extra Features
Last Updated 1 Hour Ago

What is the Mod of this APK?

Several WhatsApp mods, including GBWhatsApp, YOWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and others, are offered in the market. The finest WhatsApp Mod among them is OGWhatsApp since it lets you push the envelope and spice up your texting experience. Applying a theme will allow you to change the layout, fonts, design, colors, and many other elements to suit your needs. Also, you will receive cutting-edge security features that give you complete control over your privacy and security.

As a tech geek, it’s important to test new kinds of technology because this is the age of the technological revolution. Therefore stop using the standard WhatsApp chatting feature and get a WhatsApp mod.

Why Download OGWhatsApp Pro APK?

You can conceal your connection status in OGWhatsApp so that nobody can bother you. You may quickly use several apps with the aid of this function and avoid receiving obtrusive messages from your WhatsApp contacts.

The data backup and recovery features of OGWhatsApp are excellent. In this way, you may easily access the same chats when you open or establish your WhatsApp account on a different device.

OGWhatsApp allows you to send more file kinds, like eBooks, for example. You can now send your crucial business-related documents as well.

You can examine pictures and videos on the most recent version of OGWhatsApp without downloading them. You can conserve your MBs in this way so that you can utilize them for other programs.


The Most Well-Known and Rapidly Expanding

The app of this century is WhatsApp. Given that it has more than 500 million active users each month, it doesn’t need to be introduced. We downloaded it as the first app after acquiring our smartphones. OGWhatsapp is a modified version of the original Whatsapp that includes some modern features for a user-friendly and safe experience. You might claim that OGWhatsapp APK is trustworthy and cost-free for users.

WhatsApp OG APK

Furthermore, it has cutting-edge security and privacy features and was created by third-party developers. The user can manage their privacy concerns by installing this APK app, including who can view their status updates, profile photographs, and conversation. This software is more dependable for users because of these added privacy safeguards.
Remove old messages

Additionally, the creators of the original WhatsApp APK have introduced a function that allows users to remove their old messages. By using this fantastic program, you may even conceal your online status.

Latest Feature

The latest features have been incorporated into the OG Whatsapp APK, making it more user-friendly and secure for users. The fact that it was created by a third party rather than the makers of Official WhatsApp is crucial. Even though it wasn’t created by the official developers, it is safe to use and secure. As a result, it will never intrude in any manner on your privacy. So, installing and using it won’t cause you any concern. Another crucial point to remember is to always utilize your backup Whatsapp account for personal communications and casual chats.

Scheduler for Pre-Built Messages

One of the most incredible features ever added to OGWhatsapp APK is this. Sometimes you may forget to message someone, call your family, or simply start a chat with a friend. With this feature, you can schedule your messages to be sent at a specific time. Your message will be automatically sent to the user you specify at the time you specify with this pre-built message scheduler. By doing this, OGWhatsApp will automatically deliver the message to that particular contact.

In addition, this feature can only be used with a reliable and secure Wi-Fi connection. Therefore make use of this function and stay in touch with your loved ones while maintaining your professional life.

APK Against Bans

The anguish of having their accounts blocked by the official WhatsApp can be experienced by users who have installed modified versions of the messaging service. But, you can avoid being banned by updating to the most recent version of OG WhatsApp as the developers have fixed the problem. Because of this feature, using this software is completely safe and secure.

Feature of Rooted Status-Download

Using this amazing program, you may publish your statuses in addition to conversing with your friends and exchanging photographs. With the help of this tool, you can develop closer ties with your family by exchanging status updates and life tales. The user can also download status updates and tales that their friends and family have published, which is not accessible when using the official WhatsApp app.

Call any Previously Unadded Contacts

It is required to add the number first before making a call or sending a message if you are using the official Whatsapp. With OG WhatsApp, however, this is not the case because you can call or send a message to someone who is not on your contact list.

Enter a Group Name that is More than 35 Characters

One of the nicest features of Official Whatsapp that we adored is group chatting. We enjoy having lengthy group chats with our friends and family members without encountering any issues. Yet when it comes to creating the group name, OG Whatsapp gave us more characters than allowed—35 instead of 25, which is just astounding. As a result, you can use 35 characters for any amusing or intriguing name for your group.

Block Calls from a Certain Contact

Certainly, if any of your contacts are bothering you by calling repeatedly, you may block their calls by using this fantastic program. You can use this tool to ban their calls but not their contact entirely. Just disabling the call reception option for a specific contact in settings will accomplish this.

Submit Over 90 Pictures

The ability to send up to 90 photographs at once, which was not possible when using the official WhatsApp, is another fantastic feature of this program. Therefore take advantage of this fantastic feature of OGWhatsapp.

What's New

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  • No money
  • No subscription
  • No advertisement

How to Download and Install OGWhatsApp PRO APK?

  • Step 1: Click on the download button in the box above to download the latest version.
  • Step 2: Go to the device’s download folder where you will find the OGWhatsApp Pro APK file.
  • Step 3: Install it like any other application on your Android device.
  • Step 4: Input your number to register and pick a display image for your profile to complete the setup.


A fantastic mod, OGWhatsApp is brimming with incredible new features that aren’t included in the original app. Examine the additional security features and customization possibilities. You must confirm that your device satisfies the minimum requirements of Android 5.0 or later, 16GB Internal Storage, and 2GB of RAM before downloading the APK file. If your equipment meets these requirements, there won’t be any problems.


Is it Safe to Install OGWhatsApp Pro on Android Devices?

Ans. Completely. OGWhatsApp Pro is built and created keeping in view the safety concerns of the data of users. It is entirely safe to use like any other application you use on your device.

Can I Remove OGWhatsApp Pro When I Want to?

Ans. Yes. All you have to do is go to Applications Manager on your device and from there remove the app like you would delete any other app.

Will I Need to Enable Permission to Install the Device?

Ans. Yes, and it can be done quickly. Go to the settings of your device and move to apps, where you will need to check on the ‘Unknown Sources’ option to allow for application download.

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