OG Instagram APK Download 10.14.0 (Official) Latest Version 2023

As Instagram is an easy way to interact and has a strong connection through communication, it enables you to share your life events through pictures, videos, and many more with the world. Millions of people are using it for daily purposes and find it the easiest way for these relevant social activities. OG Instagram Apk is known to be one of the most powerful modified versions of Instagram applications, which are operative and available on android, iOS and pc devices.

OGInstagram APK

OG Instagram APK Basic Information

The full name of the application is OG Instagram Apk It was developed by OG Insta Team
Location of the Device Its version is 10.14.0
Its size is 25 MBs only WIFI Connection is recommended
It was last updated a day ago External Storage Access

Features Of OG Instagram

Features are the most important part of any application. Some of the awesome features that have been added to this modified version of Instagram are the followings:

Using Multi Accounts:

With OG Instagram, you can now use more than one in a single app, which is one of the most demanded features by users nowadays. You can use multi-accounts, without facing any hindrance, and is even reliable to use them all at the same time.

Downloading The Bio:

Just like, while using OG Instagram which allows you to download videos, pictures, and stories, now the feature to download other person's bios is also available on Instagram with this version. This specific feature is not previously available in the original Instagram application.

Downloading IGTV Videos:

this version of Instagram is offering its users to download I GTV long Instagram videos which will be saved in the storage section of their device. with this feature no you can not even enjoy the videos but if you like some videos you can download them with a single click.

Zooming Out Profile Pictures:

Previously in the original version of the Instagram application, the users could not zoom in on the profile pictures of other users and they have to download a special application for this purpose, but now OG Instagram is offering users this amazing feature of zooming in the profile pictures of other users. along with that, you can not only zoom in on the profile pictures of other users but you can also save profile pictures on your phone.

Downloading Media Files In A Single Click:

As at the original Instagram application, there is no option available for downloading images and videos, the users demanded this feature, and developers of official Instagram applications have made this modded version of Instagram in which these unavailable features are added. No, wait OG Instagram downloading images and videos option is available I know you don't have to wait longer if you like some video you can easily download that video and picture to your phone storage.

Logging Into Facebook:

If you don't have a separate Instagram application downloaded on your phone you don't have to worry about logging in to your OG Instagram application, you can now log in to your Instagram account and wait for the Facebook login option.

Automatic Sound On:

While scrolling down the videos add Instagram the users usually complain about the sound cheque that they have to step on the sound option and which has made a little inconvenience for the users, no with OG Instagram when you Scroll down a video it will open with sounds on automatically and you don't have to step on the sound option, especially for this purpose.

Downloading Insta stories:

With OG Instagram you can now easily download the stories of others which may include videos and images or even reels. In the original version of Instagram, this feature is not available but with OG Instagram you are provided with this amazing feature through which you can easily download the stories of other people with just a single click and those stories will be saved in your phone storage.

Fixing Errors And Bugs:

While downloading or receiving any media file on the og Instagram, annoyingly there can be some bugs and errors attached to that file which the user does not know about, and can face problems regarding this so on OG Instagram, the developers developed a way to automatically detect errors and bugs. Not only will detect the bugs and errors but will fix them automatically within the application.

Frequently Updating Features And Privacy:

The developers of OG Instagram have developed it in a flexible way that there is always room for new updated features, which the developers frequently update from time to time but the demand of users. OG Instagram has its own strict privacy control settings the new advanced settings are more strict and safer to use than its previous version.

Let us check out some of pros and cons of og instagram apk


  • You can now easily share your URLs of pictures and videos with your friends
  • You can automatically translate different languages which you do not understand

You can connect your other social accounts like Twitter and Facebook with it


  • The og instagram apk does not have any disadvantages.


Is OG instagram safe?

Yes, the og Instagram is safe.

Is OG Instagram authentic?

If you download the og Instagram and spend some time with the, you will realize and appreciate the importance of this app.

What is the latest version of og Instagram?

The latest version of og Instagram is V10.17.0.

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OG Instagram is a free application to use and is one of the best model Instagram applications available at the play Store. While using OG Instagram the users can easily identify and give positive feedback that all the features are easy to use and they do not face any kind of hurdle while using this application. it has so many amazing features through which you can spread your enjoyment by sharing videos pictures and URLs. You can also download media files so that you can watch them and enjoy them without an Internet connection anytime because they are saved in your phone storage.

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