NSWhatsApp iOS Download Latest Version 2023

NSWhatsApp is one the most frequently used application which contains features and functions that the normal version of WhatsApp lacks. By using this app, the user gets a chance to change the contact icon and chat backgrounds as well. There is also a wide range of colors and themes to choose from as well which will add to the aesthetics of nswhatsapp ios.

Using NSWhatsApp iOS

NSWhatsApp provides better and improved features compared to the original WhatsApp application and it is available to download on smartphones where it can be easily accessed through an active internet connection. Users simply have to download this version from the website and it will start working on their mobile phones in no time.

NSWhatsApp iOS Apk File Information

To make it brief, the name of the file is NS WhatsApp and its size is 49MB. And the latest version available is 9.46.

Features of NSWhatsApp iOS

The latest and unique features of NSWhatsApp make it more useful and popular than other versions. Below mentioned are some of the features offered by NS WhatsApp:

File sharing:

Users can also enjoy heavy media sharing on this app of nswhatsapp ios. WhatsApp only allows you to share files of 20 MB but with NS WhatsApp you can share files up to 300 MB. Not only this but users can also transfer pictures, audio, videos, and documents with a limit of 1 GB.

Regular Updates:

The most beneficial feature of this version is the new and latest updates done on a regular basis which helps Users not go through complicated steps to update NS WhatsApp. This version of nswhatsapp ios easily gets updated when it is provided with an internet connection.

Privacy Options:

NS WhatsApp allows users to communicate with each other and in order to protect their privacy, it provides a number of other unique features like profile privacy. Privacy includes their online activity, and their conversations and data being completely protected and secured.

Advanced Themes:

NS WhatsApp also offers new and unique themes to make your application more customized and personalized. The customization can help users personalize their experience, and make the interaction more efficient and user-friendly. Users will be able to modify fonts, notification bars, background colors, etc.

Auto Reply To Messages:

With the help of NS, WhatsApp users don't have to worry about sending messages at a specific time as They can simply write the message and enter a specific time for later text sending. This message will be sent to the person accordingly.


To summarize everything NSWhatsApp iOS is the most advanced and developed version of WhatsApp which is extremely helpful specifically in areas where WhatsApp lacks in order to make communication easier and more reliable. From being easily customizable to making sure the user's data is safe and protected NS WhatsApp makes sure all the aspects are covered completely. Moreover, regular updates and checkup make sure to solve any issues the users might be facing in this version.

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