New Way to Enjoy WhatsApp Status

You know those little moments you share on your WhatsApp Status? Those fleeting memories, be it a burst of laughter, a picturesque sunset, or just a goofy GIF? We absolutely love how you use Status to keep everyone in the loop. And, just like your chats, it’s all snugly wrapped up with end-to-end encryption.

Brace yourself because we’re jazzing things up with some fresh-out-of-the-oven Status features!

Choose Your Audience:

Want to share that crazy night out only with your pals? Or maybe an inside joke that only a select few would get? Now you can handpick who gets a sneak peek into your world each time you post a Status. And don’t worry about setting it every time – we’ve got your back. Your last choice stays put for the next one!

Speak Your Heart Out with Voice Status:

Ever felt words or a picture just won’t do justice? Just hit record and pour your heart out with up to 30-second voice messages. Sometimes, it's all about the tone, right?

React in a Jiffy!

Remember when we introduced Reactions? You loved it. Now, slide into those DMs by simply swiping up on a Status and picking from eight expressive emojis. Want to say more? You still can with texts, voice messages, stickers, and the whole shebang!

Never Miss a Moment with Status Rings:

When a friend updates their status, you'll spot a vibrant ring around their profile pic. It's like a little nudge saying, "Hey, check this out!"

Spruced-Up Link Previews:

Share a link on your status, and voila! A sneak peek pops up, making your updates look cooler and giving friends a glimpse before they take the leap.

Rolling up your sleeves to try them? Hang tight; these updates will waltz into your app over the next few weeks.

So, keep capturing, sharing, and enjoying those moments. After all, life’s all about creating and cherishing memories. Happy Status-ing!

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