Maximizing Group Experiences on WhatsApp

Remember when we introduced 'Communities' last year? It was our little way to supercharge your group experiences on WhatsApp. Well, the journey doesn't end there. We've been tinkering away in the background, and now, we've got some cool updates that we think will make groups even more delightful for both admins and members. So, let’s dive in!

Admin Power-Ups!

Groups are like those warm, intimate dinner gatherings where you share stories, laughter, and maybe a secret or two. As more pals come into these gatherings, we thought it'd be fantastic if our hosts (you lovely group admins!) had a tad more say in setting the vibe. So, now, if you're an admin, you've got this nifty tool letting you decide who gets to join the party. Whether you're sharing that golden invite link or making your group a star in a community, you're in the driver's seat.

Finding Groups - Simplified!

Ever had that "Aha! We're in the same group!" moment with someone? As Communities grow and group lists expand, we're ensuring you don't miss out on those moments. Simply search a friend’s name, and voila! All your shared groups pop up. Handy, right?

Heads up! These shiny new features will be landing on your devices in the next few weeks. We're on a mission: to make groups a haven for every member and a breeze for admins. So, keep those chats buzzing, and let's create more memories together on WhatsApp!

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