GB iOS X APK Download Latest Version –

GB iOS X APK is a free cross-platform texting application that is used by billions of people from every corner of the world every single day. Regardless of the recipient’s device, it enables users of iPhone and Android cellphones as well as Mac and Windows PCs to call and send free text, photo, audio, and video communications to anybody anywhere in the world, and Wi-Fi is used by WhatsApp for communication to send and receive messages, etc on the application.

What is GBWhatsApp iOS X Apk?

GBWhatsApp iOS X Apk is a mod of WhatsApp that was developed by StefanoYG. It was for android devices to make the app look like the messaging app displayed on apple devices. It has a graphical interface that is similar to iOS devices. Today, WhatsApp is the one program that we all rely on because it’s the one that connects us to all of our friends, family, and other acquaintances worldwide.

WhatsApp has greatly improved life for all of us, whether we’re working or just hanging out with friends. As people increasingly look for more features in everything, you have all probably seen that there is a ton of updated WhatsApp MODS. GB iOS X is a MOD for WhatsApp as well.


GBWhatsApp for iPhone

It’s as simple as installing any other app on your iPhone (iOS device). All you need to do is download the GB WhatsApp link from the below. Once downloaded, you will be able to launch and install it on your iPhone. The best part is that you can also use the official WhatsApp simultaneously. This means that you can have two accounts on your iPhone.

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Features of WhatsApp GB for iOS

This WhatsApp modification will give you an iOS-like user experience on devices running Android. This is a MOD for the millions of Android users who wished for an iOS form on their device and wish they could have something similar on their device as well. The gbwhatsapp ios x apk copies IOS so can you have an experience close to that of an iPhone on your android device? Next, we have listed some of the interesting features of this app so keep on scrolling

  • The anti-ban option is available on this MOD to protect you from getting banned while using this gbwhatsapp ios x MOD.
  • There is an auto-reply feature available on this MOD as well that you can use when you’re busy with work or sitting with family or friends.
  • You can schedule your GBWhatsApp ios x apk messages for a particular group or contact.
  • Privacy options are also available where you can hide your view status from your contacts and random people
  • You can hide chats that are private so that they are only visible to you.
  • The gbwhatsapp ios x will allow you to send Auto clips up to 100MB to various people on your contact list.
  • You can send up to 90 images through this g bios x mod instead of just 30, which is the normal limit on all other mods.
  • There is also an interesting feature known as always online through which you can always be visible online to your contacts.
  • From the GB ios x Users can download other people’s stories as well.
  • You can also copy people’s statuses to your clipboard and then add them directly to your own story or save them to your gallery
  • Broadcast messages can be sent to more than 600 people at a single time in your contact or noncontact list.
  • GB IOS X special features include the users being able to pay electronically using UPI.
  • It also contains a Do not disturb mode which can help users focus by disconnecting their GBWhatsApp from the internet. This way you can focus on other things rather than your WhatsApp messages for a certain time.

The main purpose of this inference is to give iOS-like inference to its android users to fulfill their dreams of owning an iPhone. New fonts are also available which you can use to customize your WhatsApp experience. Most importantly you are getting all these features without having to buy an iPhone so that is a huge advantage in itself.


Can I install GBWhatsApp on my iPhone?

Yes, you can install the gbwhatsapp on your iPhone by downloading the gbwhatsapp ios x version.

How can I update GBWhatsApp ios x apk 2023?

If you have downloaded your gbwhatsapp ios x apk then you can update it through the settings menu of this app. You can also turn on the auto-update option.

Is GB WhatsApp ios x allowed?

All the GB versions and other mod versions of WhatsApp are nonofficial so they are illegal but you can use them without trouble.

Why are GB WhatsApp ios x apk not installing on my phone?

As these mod versions are nonofficial versions of WhatsApp so there is a chance that your device has caught a hint of it. Or it could be that the app has some problems.

Let us now conclude the whole gbwhatsapp ios x apk article below



Regardless of the recipient’s device, the gbwhatsapp ios x apk enables users of iPhone and Android cellphones as well as Mac and Windows PCs to call and send free text, photo, audio, and video communications to anybody. WhatsApp is the one program that we all rely on because it’s the one that connects us to all of our friends, family, and other acquaintances worldwide. The gbwhatsapp ios x apk copies iOS so can you have an experience close to that of an iPhone on your android device? Broadcast messages can also be sent to more than 600 people with this app.


Instagram++ iOS Download Latest Version –

Social Media has become an integral part of our society. Wherever you go, you see people scrolling through one social media platform or another and One of the most used platforms is Instagram which people scroll for hours. Instagram plays a pivotal role in people’s lives as a lot of people use it to promote their businesses, and influencers use it for informative purposes. Now to take this new way of living to another level, developers introduced Instagram++ iOS version.

What is Instagram++ iOS?

Instagram++ iOS is an advanced version of Instagram which has a number of interesting features that are very helpful and gives its users a wonderful experience. Its easy-to-use, user-friendly interface aims to attract a large audience.

Features of Instagram++ iOS

The following are some worth mentioning features

Free Downloading

With Instagram++ iOS, one can download Instagram photos without the hassle of screenshotting and then cropping out the extra stuff. IGTV videos and stories are also easily downloaded without a problem.

Add free

Some third-party apps and websites have similar features but ads ruin the experience so you can turn to Instagram++ iOS. This app adds free which makes the user’s experience very seamless.

Maximum Resolution

One can also upload photos without any problems with resolution. The pictures a user uploads will be of top quality since Instagram++ iOS does not compromise on resolution.


With this unique feature, captions and comments from different languages can easily be translated and understood for convenience. It is also great for supporting google translate which generates an accurate translation of various languages.

App lock

Nobody wants another person to intervene in their private life. With Instagram++ iOS, one can lock the app without downloading any other software. It has an inbuilt lock system to prevent anyone from operating it without permission.


Privacy is a major concern of people around the globe so b Instagram++ iOS maintains strict policies and all the data is safe and secure so anyone can use instapro without any hesitation. Instagram++ iOS also provides you with privacy features like turning off ‘seen’ for messages and viewing stories without being on the viewer’s list.

Let us now conclude the whole Instagram++ iOS article below:


Instagram++ is a very easily operated platform and its main objective is to provide a more favorable user experience and make lives easier in such a fast-moving world. It’s a one of its kind app that has abundant unique features but also cares for the safety, security, and privacy of its users. Instagram++ iOS is easily available over the internet for everyone and a lot of Instagram’s audience can benefit from it and be delighted with their experience.

InstaPro iOS Download Latest Version –

Considering the fact that Instagram is a highly used and in-demand app as well as its mod features too, Instapro apk is now available for iOS devices too. This instapro ios is a special iOS version that only works on ios devices. It can not be run on Android or other types of devices because its software is only meant for ios devices. The app comes with natural features of any other app along with instapro ios features which match with the features of ios devices itself, for example, we know that iOS users value privacy so instapro apk is filled with high privacy settings.


What is InstaPro iOS?

InstaPro iOS is an advanced version of Instagram that provides wonderful settings and features with an unbelievable experience. The app reminds the users of the official insta app but adds to its excitement with extra features like sending broadcast messages, making chat rooms, downloading reels, muting stories, hiding your story view, and much more. Instapro also allows you to download the whole conversation with the Instagram interface and it also allows for full backup and restores settings.
So now that you know what the ios version of instapro is, let’s check out some of its important features below:

Features of InstaPro iOS

The following are some worth mentioning features

Tracking of followers

If one is a blogger or an influencer they can easily track their followers, following, and post engagement. This could be really helpful for promoting their Instagram public page and the instapro ios version can definitely help them achieve it. Keeping a record of one’s followers and following can seriously enhance the account productivity as

Copy Captions

It’s near to impossible to copy any caption or comment from Instagram but with instapro users can easily copy any comment or caption they like without an issue. The app will let users copy captions/ bios and even comment emojis or texts to other social0 platforms and not just Instagram platforms.

Search Engine

Instapro has its own self-search engine so users do not have to switch to other apps or software to search for anything. This makes the whole experience easy and commodious. The search engine is highly functional and you can get even better results than Google.

Let us now conclude the whole Instapro iOS article below:


So instapro ios is a must-have for all iPhone users as they will likely get the best features and quality in every instapro aspect. The app will not even drain your battery like most mod files and will keep your device activity normal. You won’t feel any different from when you didn’t have the instapro ios installed on your iPhone.

GBWhatsApp iOS Download Latest Version –

GB iOS X is yet another amazing version of WhatsApp that will give you the unforgettable experience of using WhatsApp. This app will give all the latest and most in-demand features that havent been used in any other version of WhatsApp so get ready to download it. You are likely to keep this app for the rest of your life without shifting to an older version of WhatsApp because it provides much better quality in terms of privacy, security, themes, features, and much more.



GB iOS X is the latest WhatsApp mod that gives users the benefit of using WhatsApp unlimited without getting banned. You can enjoy excessively high-quality downloading along with more than the normal limit of file sharing on the gbWhatsApp ios x. It also allows users to overcome the struggle of blue ticks and delivered ticks. All the white ticks are removed and you can choose to hide your online status as well on this modified version.


There are many amazing features of gb ios x so a few of these can be easily listed below for you to read:

  • The statuses of other users can also be copied to your clipboard.
  • Additionally, users can download the stories of others using this MOD.
  • Another intriguing feature is called “always online,” which allows you to be online at all times even when you are not.
  • You can set up a WhatsApp message schedule for a specific contact or group to send messages automatically.
  • When you’re occupied with work or relaxing with family or friends, you can use the auto-reply option on this MOD to automatically send text messages, videos, audio, etc.
  • With this GB mod ios, you can send up to 90 photos as opposed to simply 30 on the original Whatsapp.
  • You can send various contacts on your contact list videos that are up to 100MB in size making it more convenient for you to just send them without worrying about the size.
  • You can also hide your view status from your contacts list by using many different privacy options GB offers.
  • The GB ios x apk has an anti-ban feature to avoid getting any sort of ban while using it.
  • If you need more privacy then your private chats can be hidden.
  • Over 600 people on your contact list can receive broadcast messages at once after you set the message to send.


So the GB ios x are clearly cut most entertaining and fascinating app of WhatsApp. It is the best among all other WhatsApp mods because it is authentic in its working and keeps the promise of high privacy settings. All these features of over 00 broadcasted texts, more file sharing, heavy duties and much more make it exceptionally unique and favorable among all others.

WhatsApp Mix iOS Download Latest Version –

If you feel the desire of checking your WhatsApp mix social records while you are on your iOS device then you can channel this craving by utilizing this iOS variant of WhatsApp mix. You can watch situations of your contacts with this app, update your status, change your profile picture and do all that the android rendition of WhatsApp mix offers right from your iOS device. This application is not difficult to download and you can find its procedure below.


Main Feature Of WhatsApp Mix APK iOS:

Some of the main features of this WhatsApp mod for iOS are the following, which have led to a rapid increase in its demand and use:

  • You can download any story your contact share on the WhatsApp mix
  • You can use this app on your iOS device
  • You can remove the blue or delivered ticks from the message you send to people on WhatsApp mix.
  • Your sharing credentials on WhatsApp mix will stay secure from any third party source unless you want them to be shared
  • You will be allowed to share music from your iCloud, Spotify, or from the WhatsApp mix ios version library directly to your status.
  • You can view the bio and other information of people you have blocked from your app
  • You can send messages to many people in one click
  • You can reply from notifications of WhatsApp mix ios.

Let us now check out the install procedure of WhatsApp mix ios below which we have described briefly:

How To Install WhatsApp Mix iOS

The whatsapp mix ios version seems to be a bit difficult but to your surprise, it is very easy to download and install on iOS devices. Yes the iOS devices have been hard on downloading the mod versions but this version can easily be downloaded and used on your ios.

  • First You have to go to your device settings and check If your device settings permit third-party app download or not
  • Then you need to change your iOS device settings and set it to allow downloading this mod of WhatsApp mix on your iOS.
  • Now you need to go to your device settings and search for security. When you find that, allow for unknown ios sources. Then come back to your downloading the WhatsApp mix ios.
  • Click on the download icon for the WhatsApp mix ios APK file. Your file will be downloaded automatically within a few minutes. Then after that, you simply have to install the WA mix ios app on your device, and then your app will be ready to use.


So this was all about the ios version of WhatsApp mix. This new version will get you your favorite app on your ios device without paying anything. It will provide all similar features on your ios devices as it would show on the android version of WhatsApp mix apk so go ahead and enjoy the app.

AZWhatsApp iOS Download Latest Version –

Whatsapp is a messaging app used by billions of people around the world to stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues by sending messages, audio, and other media. More people download the app daily, but MODS are also available to enjoy more customization and features. AzWhatsapp iOS is a well-known MOD that users can download; it provides us with the best customization options, as well as a variety of other intriguing features that users enjoy.


AzWhatsApp, a MOD of the original WhatsApp, is owned by Sam MODs. It is the only WhatsApp mod that can translate conversations from other languages into your native tongue. It also encrypts your discussion from beginning to end so the software includes everything you might need in a messaging app.

What Is AZWhatsapp iOS

You can get the latest version of AzWhatsapp by searching for the most recent update online. The application can be easily downloaded and installed on the user’s device. After downloading azwhatsapp, you must create an account with a temporary phone number and explore all of the incredible features for yourself.

You can use the tools available on the MOD to quickly translate messages into many languages without having to use Google Translate or other services. The app protects your privacy by keeping your online status, location, and other information private unless you want others to know.

Azwhatsapp iOS Download And Install

Az Whatsapp is unfortunately not available for iOS devices but if you have an android then you can definitely enjoy this MOD of whatsapp. You can check out the article we have posted on azwhatsapp apk which teaches you on how to get this amazing mod on your android devices.


Az Whatsapp includes various features such as language translation, DND mode, Anti-ban, customization of fonts and themes, and other privacy features, to mention just a few. Learn more about all of its features by downloading this mod on your device. The MOD is not available on iOS devices yet but you can Download Az WhatsApp today on your androids to take full use of all features offered.

GB WhatsApp Delta iOS Download Latest Version –

If you wish you could use the GB WhatsApp Delta on your iOS devces then the opportunity has already knocked on your door. Here is a quick article describing everything about the ios version of gb whatsapp delta. You will get to know the features and even the download procedure in a few seconds read on this gb whatsapp delta ios aticle so keep on scrolling!


What Is GB Whatsapp Delta iOS?

Just like all the other modified apps of whatsapp, the gb whatsapp delta is another app that comes with new feature of sending reactions and likes on statuses, replying to more than one chats frm notifications with videos and file sharing as well. You can also download the audios which exceed MBs limit for original whatsapp and would not play in the original version hence this gb whatsapp delta ios version is a modified version which offers more features.

Now that you have clear idea of GB Whatsapp Delta version then lets see how you can download it.

How To Download GB Whatsapp Delta:

If this version of whatsapp modified has gotten your intrest and now you would like to add it to your daily used apps then let us tell you that it would be the best. You will be getting all whatsapp features with more of a mix of gb whastapp, fouad whatsapp, whatsapp mix and such other app features. This will continue to give you a more of what you are familiar with. This way you will easily understand this gb whatsapp delta version.

This gb whatsapp delta is an amazing star version that will even give you a free backup for all that you would want to store in the app for later use. You can save and store the chats, the stickers and much much more with this version. It will all be free of cost and you wouldn’t be charge anything, this is the spciality of delta gb whatsapp.

Let us now conclude the whole GB Whatsapp Delta ios article below:


So this is all regarding the ios version of gb whatsapp delta. These data storage and other amazing features are unavailable on the android version of whatsapp gb and you will likely find it more easy to access and use on this version of whatsapp. IOS makes it safer to use and download without viruses and errors too so you can enjoy more.

RC YoWhatsApp iOS Download Latest Version –

IOS devices have made it incredibly hard to use the modified versions of apps. Some apps charge you with extra money while others are just incompatible with IOS devices. But you don’t have to worry now because the RC YoWhatsapp iOS is easy to download on IOS device and it does not even ban you in any way so you can always access it on your device from anywhere.


What Is RC YoWhatsApp iOS?

RC YoWhatsapp IOS is latest version for the mod of RC Yowhatsapp version which allows anyone around the world to use this app easily on their IOS device. This app does not need emulator or any other helping app to run it. It works completely independent of other apps so you can enjoy it fully without any extra issues. Along with that, it has all the best-performing features of Facebook and WhatsApp as well.

It has its own themes, and preferences and has this amazing feature of anti-banning, with which you don’t have to worry about your features or RC Yowhatsapp account getting banned; you can use your application free from these worries.

How To Download RC YoWhatsApp iOS:

Wondering if downloading this PC version would be a long process? Then don’t worry because its not. You will see the icon on your homescreen within a few minutes of you clicking on the download button on this website. The download process will take very little time for the RC YoWhatsapp IOS.

Complete Data and File Back up

RC YoWhatsapp IOS is not difficult to download. For downloading the RC YoWhatsapp IOS you need to follow a similar system with respect to downloading the RC YoWhatsapp. Numerous clients imagine that for downloading it so there will be some additional stockpiling on their gadget, yet it has no sort of this necessity. For downloading the most recent variant of RC YoWhatsapp IOS, you need to follow the accompanying steps overall.


RC YoWhatsapp IOS is easy to download on IOS device and it does not even ban you in any way so you can always access it on your device from anywhere. This app does not need emulator or any other helping app to run it. It works completely independent of other apps. Numerous clients imagine that for downloading it so there will be some additional stockpiling but RC YoWhatsapp iOS is an amazing application to use as It has unlimited themes that you can download and customize for yourself.

NSWhatsApp iOS Download Latest Version –

NSWhatsApp is one the most frequently used application which contains features and functions that the normal version of WhatsApp lacks. By using this app, the user gets a chance to change the contact icon and chat backgrounds as well. There is also a wide range of colors and themes to choose from as well which will add to the aesthetics of nswhatsapp ios.


Using NSWhatsApp iOS

NSWhatsApp provides better and improved features compared to the original WhatsApp application and it is available to download on smartphones where it can be easily accessed through an active internet connection. Users simply have to download this version from the website and it will start working on their mobile phones in no time.

NSWhatsApp iOS Apk File Information:

To make it brief, the name of the file is NS WhatsApp and its size is 49MB. And the latest version available is 9.46.

Features of NSWhatsApp iOS

The latest and unique features of NSWhatsApp make it more useful and popular than other versions. Below mentioned are some of the features offered by NS WhatsApp:

File sharing:

Users can also enjoy heavy media sharing on this app of nswhatsapp ios. WhatsApp only allows you to share files of 20 MB but with NS WhatsApp you can share files up to 300 MB. Not only this but users can also transfer pictures, audio, videos, and documents with a limit of 1 GB.

Regular Updates:

The most beneficial feature of this version is the new and latest updates done on a regular basis which helps Users not go through complicated steps to update NS WhatsApp. This version of nswhatsapp ios easily gets updated when it is provided with an internet connection.

Privacy Options:

NS WhatsApp allows users to communicate with each other and in order to protect their privacy, it provides a number of other unique features like profile privacy. Privacy includes their online activity, and their conversations and data being completely protected and secured.

Advanced Themes:

NS WhatsApp also offers new and unique themes to make your application more customized and personalized. The customization can help users personalize their experience, and make the interaction more efficient and user-friendly. Users will be able to modify fonts, notification bars, background colors, etc.

Auto Reply To Messages:

With the help of NS, WhatsApp users don’t have to worry about sending messages at a specific time as They can simply write the message and enter a specific time for later text sending. This message will be sent to the person accordingly.


To summarize everything NSWhatsApp iOS is the most advanced and developed version of WhatsApp which is extremely helpful specifically in areas where WhatsApp lacks in order to make communication easier and more reliable. From being easily customizable to making sure the user’s data is safe and protected NS WhatsApp makes sure all the aspects are covered completely. Moreover, regular updates and checkup make sure to solve any issues the users might be facing in this version.

Royal WhatsApp iOS Download Latest Version –

Royal WhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp application which has so many extra features added that are unavailable in the official WhatsApp application. With this mode of WhatsApp, you can do a lot more than with official WhatsApp Privacy and security have been updated in the royal WhatsApp ios version. It is full of such mesmerizing features which allow users to perform multiple tasks at once. You will find other fun things like downloading your WhatsApp status and hiding your last seen.


What is royal WhatsApp on iOS?

Royal WhatsApp IOS which is specifically for iPhones is now the most popular application to connect and use. It comes with features similar to the royal WhatsApp of the android device with more enhanced privacy.

Royal WhatsApp iOS Specifications:

Royal WhatsApp IOS is an application that runs on Apple platforms. Following are the details about the Royal WhatsApp application on Apple devices:

  • Royal WhatsApp for IOS has an APK file size of about 114 MB.
  • This app is completely free. You don’t have to buy it or pay for anything.
  • One plus point of using this royal WhatsApp io on Apple devices is that this application is brilliantly compatible with all versions of IOS.

Features of Royal WhatsApp iOS

The functions of royal WhatsApp are very similar to those of the Android app. But there are some unique features or additions to it, which are mentioned below.

  • You can now hide your online status from other WhatsApp users. These could be any other WhatsApp version users even from the same royal WhatsApp ios users.
  • You can also disable your delivery receipts. This feature has enhanced your privacy settings so that people will never know the details that you do not want to share.
  • It has this amazing feature of hiding your last seen status from other people, through which you can make your WhatsApp more private so that other people will never know at what time you are using your royal WhatsApp ios.
  • You can now share large media files with other people for about 1000 MB.
  • With royal WhatsApp ios, you are allowed to share music from your Android device through WhatsApp with others.
  • With Royal WhatsApp IOS, you don’t have to upload your profile picture. You can now use full profile pictures on your display.


Royal WhatsApp IOS is the most popular social media application nowadays. It has more than a billion users worldwide. It has so many features that are stable and completely free to use. This model of the app is the latest modified version of the WhatsApp application, through which you can share media and other files with a complete guarantee of privacy and data security. It has all the possible features that are unavailable on the official WhatsApp application.