Insta Pro APK Download v9.80 for Android (Instagram Pro Apk)

Do you want to learn about the features which will make your boring Instagram application much more fun and useful, then this article is just the right thing for you? Instagram application is one of the most widely used apps but there are still some features that need to be updated or improved. Keeping this in mind, professional developers have developed InstaPRO Apk which not only has the ability to send pictures, videos, and files by a single click but also sends them without ruining the quality.

InstaPro APK

What is InstaPro Apk?

InstaPRO Apk is an alternative application to the regular Instagram app and contains tons of features that Instagram cannot offer. Instagram users face issues including bad quality pictures, being unable to download posts and videos, have to screen record posts and take screenshots of them. As annoying as these issues are there is a solution in the form of InstaPro APK. With InstaPro you can download posts and IGTV videos while keeping their HD quality. And above all, the features offered by InstaPro APK are completely free of cost and don't require any kind of subscription.

More About Insta Pro

File Name Insta Pro
Size 67 MB
Android Requires 4.1 and Up
Version v9.80
Variants 3
Developer SamMods
Main Purpose Instagram's Extra Features
Last Updated 1 Hour Ago

Features of InstaPro Apk

InstaPro APK is completely packed with features that are both necessary and useful without having to download different apps for different functions because InstaPro is a complete package. To have deeper look into the features provided by InstaPro APK, read the below-mentioned detailed features:

Download Media:

InstaPro Apk allows its users to download media images, videos, and even stories into their mobile phones without having to go through a series of difficult steps.

High-Resolution Pictures:

With InstaPro APK users can now share high-quality pictures with their friends. There is no need to compress pictures before uploading them and you can also download HD pictures. The picture quality doesn't get ruined in this process.

Translation Options:

InstaPro APK also has translating features through which users can easily translate any post into their desired language. This version comes with a variety of language options to choose from just for the convenience of its users.

App Security:

InstaPro APK prioritizes customer security that's why this version comes with built-in App lock features. With this app lock feature, user can put pin, pattern, or fingerprint sensor to ensure their security.

Online Privacy:

By using InstaPro APK, the user's privacy is also protected. InstaPro users can hide their story views and even their typing and online status. They will also be alerted with a message if someone unfollows them.

Block Ads:

Users will also enjoy features with which they can block ads. This feature is effective for dealing with spam messages. They can also choose to hide ads that are bothering them while scrolling through their feeds.

Theme Customization:

Along with a number of other features using InstaPro APK allows you to customize your themes. Users can change the background and color of notification bars.

Mentioned below are the advantages and disadvantages of InstaPro APK.


InstaPro APK comes with a number of different advantages and a few of them are mentioned below:

Large Audience: The best advantage InstaPro APK offers is that it's available for a large audience to use. Which makes it highly efficient and just requires an active internet connection to run properly.

High-Quality Media: Instagram's biggest issue is that it ruins the quality of pictures and videos but InstaPro APK allows you to post anything without having to worry about the quality.

Translation: By using InstaPro APK any post will easily be translated into any desired language. This feature is extremely useful and does not require users to seek any third-party app for translation.

Privacy: With the help of InstaPro APK the privacy of the users is protected. From hiding online status and stories to stopping spam messages InstaPro APK is covering all aspects.

Theme Variety: InstaPro APK provides a wide range of themes and colors for the convenience of its users. It helps to create a more user-friendly experience.

Targeting Options: InstaPro APK offers a variety of options for paid ads and targets specific interests and beliefs of people that usually align with their business.

Visual Content: The visual content provided by InstaPro APK creates a more engaging platform and helps people to discover new content. This is efficient in business deals where they are selling visually appealing products.

Account Insights: With the help of InstaPro APK users will also be able to get detailed insights into their account analytics which helps them to improve their content. Teaching them information about their followers. Also, give them information about their followers so that they can make a better decision to enhance their social media strategy.


Although InstaPro APK makes sure to improve the features which are lacking in the Instagram iOS application there are still some things that need to be improved. Below mentioned are some of the disadvantages of InstaPro APK:

Storage Space: For the proper functioning of InstaPro APK one should have storage space available in their mobile phones. Because if there is not enough space then the InstaPro app will slow down resulting in a poor experience.

Active Internet: It is also important to have an active internet connection because InstaPro Apk does not work properly without a good internet connection.

The most frequently asked questions by the users are as follows:


Is InstaPro APK safe to use?

Yes InstaPro Apk is completely safe and extremely efficient.

Can I use Instagram and InstaPro APK together?

Yes you can use both of them and can compare them side by side.

How often is InstaPro APK updated?

There is always room for improvement so regular updates are done to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Where can I download InstaPro APK?

Users can easily download InstaPro APK through the link provided.

How long it takes to download?

That depends on the internet connection but users can download this application just by clicking on the link.


In conclusion, the InstaPro application is an efficient and beneficial platform for social media. It allows users to share high-quality photos and videos with their followers which provides them space for self-expression. InstaPro APK allows users to not only upload high-quality content but also make sure they can download high-quality content as well. With this, it makes sure to protect users' information and protect their valuable data from getting misused. InstaPro APK is a valuable tool to stay connected with friends and family and share common interests with them. The customizing features really help users to have an authentic experience and help them to socialize in a healthy manner.

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