Instagram Plus For Web/PC Download Install For Windows

As Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications and is gaining more popularity with time. More than 350 million users are using this app and the number is increasing rapidly day by day. Instagram Plus APK is a new edition developed by OG developers.

What Is Instagram Plus Web/PC?

Having access to the Instagram web for a personal computer is the same as using it on your android phone. From uploading pictures and videos to delete your text messages, everything is the same. Instagram plus can be used in the same manner on your personal computer, laptop, and windows without any difference in working features and other options of the app.

Let us now check out a few features of the insta plus web version below:

Features Of Instagram Plus Web/PC

Instagram plus offers the same features with the same working quality as it is offering to android phone users. With web usage, things and settings go easier and more convenient to use. Followings are some prominent features of the Instagram plus web on personal computers:

Low Consumption Of Storage

Instagram plus web has this amazing feature of consuming very low CPU, bandwidth, and RAM space. As it is available in a chrome browser and is an addon of chrome which is basically a tweaked version of desktop Instagram, which looks the same as an android application.

Uploading IG Stories

You can upload your stories through IG stories with your friends and family. You can even download the IG status and stories on the web which will save on to your device storage. You can save your own stories or stories of people you follow on Instagram with a single click.

No Sharing Of Credentials To Third Party

The Instagram plus web has made it more secure for users that Instagram plus will not compromise on any kind of sharing credentials with any third party. Instagram plus web falls 100% to Google play store's policy which is the most catchy thing about it.

Adding Music To Your Stories

While using Instagram plus web you can add music in the background of your IG stories. It also has a number of amazing filters and stickers, which you can insert with your IG stories and make them more interesting and worth eye-catching.


You don't have to specially open up your mobile phone to watch stories and pictures while using a personal computer. You can easily get log in to your Instagram plus ID. For that, you first have to download the app on your pc and then log in to your account and the world of Instagram is here to explore.

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