How to Use YOWhatsApp APK?

YoWhatsapp APK is considered one of the best versions of the original application of WhatsApp Because of it’s remarkable recognition among other social media applications in a very short time. YoWhatsapp apk is famous for it’s functioning and performance. It is allowing the users to enjoy the latest features which are not available in its original application and not even the other social media applications.

Understanding features of YoWhatsapp:

YoWhatsapp is offering its user unique distinctive features, which are not even easy to use but it also secures their data and personal information. It has the features like hiding the blue tick along with single and double clicks. You can change the themes and preferences which will make your WhatsApp look completely different and changed.


Understanding YoWhatsapp Working:

YoWhatsapp is known for its user-friendly services, it is so easy to download and install that the user doesn’t have to follow the tough long procedure during the whole process. It does not even take much time in this all, and even comes with all the possible guidelines. For enjoying the services and features of YoWhatsapp, the user first have to download the application from the official website of WhatsApp, then install the app on an android device. Once the installation gets done, your app is ready to use.

Operating the App:

All you have to do is open the application. At first, it will look like the same original application but when you go to the menu and settings you will see a number of distinctive features that the original version of the app does not offers. As long as you open up the app, you will see the options like chats, cameras, and calls.


When you open the menu and other settings you will see other options like regarding your online status, hiding blue tick, blocking the contacts, chats and conversation themes, etc. It has strict privacy control policies like fingerprint locks, passcodes, etc.
It offers the user to pin chats of more than 1000, which was not previously available in the original version of the app. It also has the feature of customized theme preferences, through which the user can completely change the look of their WhatsApp the way they want.

Now let us conclude the whole yowhatsapp apk usage article below:


YoWhatsApp Apk is considered one of the best applications for communication purposes as it is very simple to understand. It is known for its privacy control policies and also for its features like hiding the online status, deleting the sent messages, customized themes, and other security control settings. In order to enjoy and fully utilize the app, the users have to download the latest updates of their WhatsApp account from time to time. We hope this article was helpful in teaching you how to use the yowhatsapp apk.

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