How To Use WhatsApp Plus APK?

WhatsApp Plus APK is an amazing new modification of already existing whatsapp messaging app. It is built exclusively and using it is way easier than one would imagine. So no worries if you are a beginner using this app. Keep reading the steps below to know how to use whatsapp plus apk.



Understanding Interface

When you open the whatsapp plus app, you will see similar interface to the original whatsapp app. It consists of four different sections; Camera, chats, status and calls section.


  • The camera section is a quick option to capturing any exact moment and sharing it right away on your status or in personal chats.
  • The Chat section consists of all the list of conversations you make with any of your contacts. Their names, profile Images and chats will show here.
  • The Status Section consists of daily life stories of your contacts. Here you can enjoy glimpses of your friends or family’s everyday life and stay connected to them. You can reply to their stories too.
  • The Call Section consists of all whatsapp plus call history. You will see name of your contact here along with the duration of the call. The list is date wise so the most recent calls or missed calls will show at the top.

Setting Up Privacy

The most important thing you need to do after installing this app is to set up your preferred privacy for this app. In the top right corner you will see three dots, press on it. From there you can access different privacy settings. You can choose public, contacts, specific contacts or none privacy on your display picture, statuses, about etc.


Swipe to Switch tabs

You can switch these different sections of whatsapp plus by pressing the section heading or you can simply swipe left or right to access that particular section. You can instantly access camera by swiping right and then capture any moment to share it with your contacts.

Set Themes

You can choose different colors for your whatsapp plus apk from settings too. The background colors of the text screen can also be changed. You can also switch to dark mode and upload a great profile picture of yourself.


Make Free calls and texts

This is a great app for free texting and making free calls to anyone. It does not restrict you to only call your contacts, you can call even those who are not on your contact list. People can send texts and calls to you through this app as well. It costs nothing to send texts, share files, or call from the whatsapp plus apk and that is what makes it unique.

We hope this article proved to be helpful to you in many ways. We are excited to know how your first experience of this app will be like so don’t forget to share it with us in comments below!

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