How To Use Royal WhatsApp APK?

Using WhatsApp Royal might seem hard at first for beginners but within a few minutes, they will come to understand how easy the app is. Millions of people are using it worldwide on a daily basis so it is famous. It is recognized by stable features and another plus point is, it is completely free to use. Royal WhatsApp is considered the best WhatsApp mod. You can get all those extra features in this mod of WhatsApp, that are not available on the official WhatsApp application.

Understanding Features Of Royal WhatsApp

Royal WhatsApp has so many additional features, that the original version does not have. To enjoy these WhatsApp royal version features to their fullest, you first have to understand how to use these royal features and how they work. It offers the following features:

One of the amazing features of this word step mode is hiding your blue tick after replying to a chat. you can even read WhatsApp messages without enabling the blue tick.

Keeping yourself low-key and keeping it too private, you can freeze your last seen from the settings. It will show you offline even if you are online. no one will know whether you are online or offline.

You can hide or lock your WhatsApp chats with a custom pattern or a pin. After applying the lock no one I can see your messages in the chat without unlocking it with the password that you have made. In this way, your WhatsApp will become safer and more secure.

This mode of WhatsApp offers users DND mode, through which you can turn off WhatsApp without turning off your Internet connexion.

Another relevant and amazing feature of this version is to hide the second tick. With this feature, you can view the statuses of other people and they will never know that you have watched their status. You will not be shown in the watch list of their stories.


Royal WhatsApp has all those necessary features that were demanded by WhatsApp application users. It is considered one of the best mod of WhatsApp, as the functionality and working credibility is improved in this mod of WhatsApp. Royal WhatsApp is basically developed by a developer name Sam. The developers have designed this mod of WhatsApp, which has filled all the loopholes, and now there is very less room for loopholes in this version of the WhatsApp application.

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