How To Use InstaPro APK?

Understanding and using different apps seems to be difficult in the beginning but with little to no time, you can easily navigate here and there on the app. It seems like the modified versions will be slower and more difficult in working than the original app but it is the other way around. The InstaPro apk is highly efficient than the original Instagram app and you would be surprised by how fast you can load images, and videos or make the search for any user or product on this app version.

Understanding Interface

Understanding the instapro interface is the first step to understanding its use. So let us start with that:

When you first open the instapro app, you will see a kind of a similar interface to the original Instagram app. You will see a similar color theme which you can change from Settings > Accounts > Themes.

In the below grid, you will find There four quad options: Camera, Profile, Home Page, Stories

The camera section as the name suggests opens the instapro camera which has a very high resolution and works amazingly on every device. You can add filters as well while using this camera.

The Profile section is where your posts appear. You can see your profile picture, your posts, reels, highlights, and bio information here. You can edit your profile any time from here and even deactivate or delete your instapro account too.

The Stories Section is where you can create your daily life stories and share them with your friends. You can add images, and videos from your library. You can add filters, music, or subtitles to your stories to make them more fun. This section also consists of the daily life stories of your followers (People you follow).

The Home page section is where you will find reels, posts, and ads from other people. You can scroll through the page and it will keep on reloading new posts for you so that you always have something new to view. You will also get ads based on what you have been searching for on google or other search engines. This way finding products on the instapro app will become easier for you.

Chat With Friends

You can chat with your friends or any of your followers/ following in the chat section. Here you can even leave a cute sticky note as a reminder for your friends. You can audio or video call as well as share memes with your friends through the instapro apk.

Swipe to Switch tabs

You can easily move between different sections of instapro by swiping with your fingers. On the original app, you have to click on the bottom grid to switch tabs and click on the stories option on the left top corner to open the camera but in the instapro apk, you can access every section with easy swipes.

We hope this article was helpful to you! Let us know if you have any questions.

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