How to Use GBWhatsApp Pro APK?

If you want to learn the basics of GB WhatsApp Pro or understand the app completely then this extended version of the GB WhatsApp pro is for you. It is offering the features and system that the original app does not offer. GB WhatsApp pro is gaining more popularity among new users because of its distinctive advanced features which highlight many parts of other social apps. People are switching to this application for it’s advanced privacy controls policies and features that are rarely to be found in other games, apps, or sites.

Using GB WhatsApp Pro Apk

GB WhatsApp pro is very easy to use and even it seems more convenient for users to use who care a lot about privacy and personal information security. The user can download the GB WhatsApp pro on their device by downloading it from the google play store or the official website of WhatsApp APK.

The app is fairly sectioned between different parts of communication sections. You will find the call, text, stories, camera, and settings area which you can navigate to and take control of. These partitions within the app can be accessed through the top bar which names each section.


If you find yourself in the calls section then swipe right to get to the other areas. In the calls section, you will find all the details of the calls that you make. Similarly, in chats, you will find all your previous chats or new chats unless you deleted them. And in the stories area, you will see the status updates from all your phone contacts who are WhatsApp users already.

If you choose to go to the settings and menu, you will see it provides the users with the functioning of two accounts at a time. The user can use both accounts at once. It also provides the users with other features like themes, privacy, locks, and contact list settings.
The user can get a completely different look their WhatsApp by changing their preferences, by opting for the customized themes of their own choice. Likewise, the user can get the chats and contact number’s theme of their own choice. This way they can add images or sounds to each contact to keep them differentiated from the rest.


GB WhatsApp pro is just an extended edition, but it offers more features than the original version of the application offers. This functionality of the application makes it more catchy and convenient for social media users. To fully enjoy the application, the user has to download the latest updates of the application from time to time. People are options for this application more nowadays because it provides the functionality of two accounts at one time. The user can use two accounts on the same device without any problem of data loss or merging of data.

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