How to Use GBWhatsApp APK?

If you are looking for easy and effective ways of using this latest GBWhatsApp version of your favorite app Whatsapp then here we will describe the easiest steps of using this app. The Gbwahtsapp is not only easily usable for young people but also for old age people. So this app is amazing if you have old parents or family members to connect with. You will easily grasp all the knowledge you need to run this app so keep on reading for exciting information!

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Using GBWhatsApp APK

Below are some of the most important aspects of this app that you need to know about:

Instant Chatting

You can send instant text messages with the gbwhatsapp version of android. You can reply to one on one messages and send emojis too. You can even type and send banned words on gbwhatsapp. In it, you can choose one text and send it to as many contacts as you like too by the forward option.


HD Video and Voice Calls

You can call anyone anytime with a simple click on the call option. These calls have very high quality and you will see good results of video on the video call. The voice calls have no fainting sounds or noise in the background too. You can clearly hear the voice of your favorite people. These calls and video chats cost zero dollars. They are free to use so you can make calls without worrying about spending extra money.


History and Data

All the chat history, as well as call history, is recorded on WhatsApp and you can swipe right or left between tabs to find all these data entries. You can find out the exact time, date, year, duration of call, etc through the gbwhtaspp version. The data can be backed up too with gbwhatsapp apk and this way it can be moved to your new device too. If you ever change a device, with this backup, you will get all the data on this new device.


Show Off Your Routine With Status

You can upload statuses and show off about your days too, You can even download their status, share emojis and texts and even send heart likes on others’ statuses. You can go to the settings menu and even hide views from your stories. You can even hide from the status owner.


Unsend Any Text

Ever sent an accidental text? And now you wanna delete it, then you can do it with the unsend feature of gbwhatsapp. This way the receiver will never know you have unsent any message. They will not even see the ‘Deleted message’ notification in the chat box. Only you know that you unsent this text message, it even vanishes from the notification box.


So this is all about the use of gbwhatsapp, we hope you understood the app completely!

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