How To Use GB WhatsApp Delta APK?

If you have no idea or experience of using the mod versions of Whatsapp before then don’t worry because we will in detail teach you the process of using gb whatsapp delta apk in this article. Keep reading the steps below to know how to use gb Whatsapp Delta apk.

Understand The Interface

Click on your gb whatsapp delta app to open it. When it is opened, you will see four different sections; Camera, chats, status and calls section.

If you go to the call section, you will see all the history of the calls that you have picked, missed or made to anyone. The duration of the call along with the exact day it was made, will be given in the details too.

Next, you can go to the status section and check out all the status updates of your friends or family. You can find out anything about your friends and family in this section as they would be uploading about their days here.

The next section is Chats, here you can send and receive messages from your contacts or non contacts. If you wish to communicate with people not in your contacts, you can do that too with the gb whatsapp delta apk.

Swipe To Move

You can use your fingers to swipe between different sections of calls, camera, status, messages and settings. This is easier than clicking on each section because you don’t have to be so accurate while making this move.

Set Privacy

You can choose different privacy settings on gb whatsapp delta for example you can make your bio, status, profile picture and other information private. You can choose audience too for example you can set the privacy to friends, everyone, specific contacts or groups etc.

Choose Any Theme

You can choose any theme from the gb whatsapp delta apk theme store and set it on your gb whatsapp. This will allow you to have many choices for having different themes like the goofy funky theme, dark tones, or even light funny themes. Also Check GBWhatsApp Themes.


So this is all about the usage of whatsapp gb delta apk. You can now start your chatting with delta version of whatsapp and have fun. You can easily navigate between sections of calls, settings, camera etc and enjoy each of the features separately without needing anyones help. We are glad we could help and teach you about this amazing app. Also, don’t forget to share it with us in comments below!

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