How to Use FM WhatsApp APK?

Would you like to know how you can get one of the most popular mod of whatsapp, FMWhatsApp by taking advantage of all its extra and amazing features? We show you in detail how this popular WhatsApp MOD works.

Operating FM WhatsApp APK

The FM WhatsApp is basically the modification in the existing application and is an amazing new edition to the features of original WhatsApp messenger, which is a way more friendly user and better in many ways better than to use it in original application with extra features. Following are some steps making the set up easier to use.


Starting up with Interference

As long as you install the application and you open it, apparently it looks the same as previous features but it offers the distinctive features. At first you will see four sections:

  • Status
  • Call
  • Chats
  • Camera

Where you can initiate the conversation and more. At the top you will see a distinctive feature of Airplane Icon, while activating this you can enjoy the non affecting effect on the rest of your mobile activity.


Privacy And Security Option

As long as you go into plus settings, there you can access to the privacy and security which offers various optional features like “Freeze Last SeenDisabled ForwardedWho can call me and Custom Privacy” , which were not previously offered in the original application. When you opt for these options, you application becomes more secure and private which are the features commonly used nowadays.

While scrolling down you will see Status Entity which will offer you options related to your status consisting of duration 24 hours like “Hide View StatusAnti-Delete Status“.

There will be another feature Chats down there which is offering the “Anti-Delete Messages” which provides you the opportunity to read and see the messages other people have send you, which others cannot delete once they send it to you.


There will other options as well like ” Show blue ticks after replyContactsGroups and Broadcast“, which you can opt for your as per your choice.


Then scrolling down to the Security, it will show the various options like “WhatsApp lockChange PasswordChange Pattern and Recovery Questions“, which were not previously offered features.

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