How to Update GBWhatsApp APK?

The GB WhatsApp is more similar to the original application WhatsApp, it offers features that were non-available in the original version which makes it more convenient to use. The basic features like contacts, media, location, files, and sharing your live location are the same as the simple WhatsApp.

Downloading GB WhatsApp

To enjoy the amazing features of GB WhatsApp, you have to download the application on your android device. Here are the following things that shall be taken care of for downloading the latest version of GB WhatsApp.


How to Update GB WhatsApp APK?

You can update your GB WhatsApp at any time, but there are some necessary Implications that a user is supposed to check. These are the following:

Creating the Backup of Your Messages

For doing so, you have to go to the 3 horizontal lines at the top of the right corner of the chats tab. There you will go for the option Settings and then access the Chats. There you will see the option Chats Backups, by pressing it all your conversations will get backed up, and you no longer have to worry about your chats data loss. 

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Ways to Update GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is easy to download and even updating the application from time to time is even easier, the user can easily get the latest version by doing the following steps:

Downloading from the Official Website

The first way to get updated on your GB WhatsApp is to download the latest version from the official website. When you go to the official website, there you will see the green Download button, by pressing that it will start downloading. There will be the next window, you have to again press the green button.


In this way, your file starts downloading to your device. Once the downloading gets complete, there you will see an Open notification, when you press it you will see the downloaded file in your folder.

Checking For The Updates

The user by going into the GB WhatsApp settings checks whether there are some updates to the application or not.


Reinstalling The Application

When you want to update the application to the latest version, the operating system will ask if you want to reinstall the new version, for that you only have to press the Install option available on the screen.


Finishing the Installation

Once the installation gets completed, then there appears the open button, which indicates that your application is ready to use.


Alternative To Update the GB WhatsApp

There is another way to update the latest version of GB WhatsApp and that is the app itself. The app itself notifies the users to install the updates to their devices. But this does not always work, sometimes due to high storage occupied or some other technical issues, the application may not be able to give the notification of the latest updates.


GB WhatsApp is becoming more popular than the original application because of its distinctive features. The new updated privacy policy along with the customized theme preferences made it more catchy to use and made it more convenient for the users.

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