How to Install WhatsApp Transparent APK?

From the times when cell phones were introduced till now, communication through messages has brought a huge revolution. In recent times, a critical need also arose out of it which is the security of this communication. This made the developers create new solutions. That’s how WhatsApp mods like the Transparent mod stepped into the market. Just like that, an extended app has been introduced bringing a lot of security system which has met all the criteria and expectations of users. It has made an end to end encryption communication possible too.

Steps For Installation Of WhatsApp Transparent

WhatsApp Transparent apk is as easy to install and run on your android phone as doing so for the WhatsApp application. For that, you first have to make sure that your mobile phone supports the installation of this transparent application. Along with that, it does not take up large storage space but still makes sure that your phone storage is supportive to download the app.

  • WhatsApp Transparent APK demands the allowance to download from unknown sources. If you have not enabled that in your device settings then this app can not be installed. For completing the installation, you have to follow the steps mentioned below:
  • First of all, go to the settings of your mobile phone.
  • Then click on the security tab.
  • There you will see the option of allowing installation of WhatsApp transparent apk from unknown sources, click on that and your settings will get enabled.

Making your android device enable for unknown sources is the major step, now you are left with easy and few steps. Followings are the quick few steps to install WhatsApp Transparent APK:

Running the Installer

Once your WhatsApp Transparent APK file is downloaded, now you just have to tap on it to install it on your high quality system. After tapping on it, you have to wait for a few minutes till this latest version of WhatsApp transparent app gets installed.

Launching The Application

When the installation is done, A green white icon will appear. Click on it and your app will be opened and all set to use.

Let us now conclude the whole WhatsApp transparent apk article below:


WhatsApp Transparent APK is almost the same as WhatsApp. They both share almost the same features and working credibility. As WhatsApp is more famous than any of its modified versions but this new WhatsApp Transparent has more stable and relatively useful features. WhatsApp Transparent has been developed in a manner that has fulfilled all the loopholes that WhatsApp had and even has all the advanced policies and features.

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