How To Install WhatsApp Prime APK?

Do you want to get the amazing whatsapp prime apk with its most valuable premium features unlocked and unavailable? Then go ahead and install this amazing mod which helps you set the whatsapp to another tone and make it more appealing. Users love it for its diversity but also familiarity to the original app. You can enjoy all that it brings like the amazing quality of sound notes and video or other media files.


Below are the outlined steps of installing WhatsApp Prime Apk.

Steps For Installating WhatsApp Prime Apk

If you are already in the mode to install the prime version of wjastapp and just need this one last pill then here it is. Let us guarantee you that you will love and enjoy the app. There are many features which will keep you hooked and pepped like the copy paste of status which saves a lot of time and energy, You can even try for many other features and be selective in features that you want to keep in the app. It is a great buffer app of not just the features but also the uncached and extra unk files so you will have plenty of space even after you have downloaded this app on your phone.

So the easy break through of the steps include:

  • To install the Whatsapp prime apk on your phone, first enable your phone’s settings to download files and folders from unknown sources.
  • When you have switched these settings, then you can choose to download the Whatsapp prime apk.right on your device.
  • Now You simply have to open the downloaded file, which is saved in your phone’s downloaded folders.
  • When you find the file of Whatsapp prime apk, you simply have to click on it, and it will start installing on your Android device automatically.
  • When the installation is finished, the Prime icon will appear with other applications on your phone.
  • Open that and enjoy your application and its premium features.

Now to conclude this whole how to install Whatsapp prime apk.article, scroll ahead.


So this was all about installing the Whatsapp prime apk. Simply you have to get the app from the original store of Whatsapp prime and then add this to your install list. Then you can follow the easy steps above for instant installation of whatsapp prime apk. This whole process takes very little time so you can carry on your activities on daily basis without getting too distracted or drained. We understand that the lengthy procedures are draining so here is a short way for you!

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