How to Install WhatsApp Aero APK?

Aero WhatsApp is another modded version of WhatsApp applications. WhatsApp Aero APK is one of the applications which is famous for its user-friendly services and faster performance. WhatsApp Aero is available at the Play Store and on the official website of WhatsApp as well. The user can easily download the application and it is even easier and more reliable to use. WhatsApp Aero is one of the famous WhatsApp mods and has the features like using more characters in status and group names etc that are not available in the original version of the WhatsApp application.

Installing WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp is known for it’s functioning and user-friendly services and the users do not usually complain about their experience while using any of the mods of the application of WhatsApp. WhatsApp provides easy ways to access the desired application as well as the desired feature. It is basically developed in a way that it does not make any trouble in downloading and installing the application and even comes with all the possible instructions and guidelines that how to download and install the app.

Steps to Install The WhatsApp Aero

For downloading and installing WhatsApp Aero there are all the necessary steps and a complete procedure is available on the internet. Followings are the steps to install the application on your device:

First, you have to download the application from the play store or from the official website of the WhatsApp Aero application. At the official website, you will see one download button, by pressing that your app will be downloaded automatically to your device.

You can also download it from our website. It is fully safe and secure to download from here.

After downloading, the file will be saved in your files folder so go to the downloaded files folder and see if there will be a WhatsApp aero APK file.

Click on that and it will ask for your permission to download from unknown sources. To enable that from the settings of your mobile device. Then come back to it.

After enabling it from the mobile settings, you simply click on the downloaded file of WhatsApp Aero, and it will automatically start installing. When the installation gets finished, the app icon will appear with the other apps.

Then open your WhatsApp Aero account, and create an account. Insert your mobile number and wait for OTP. Enter that and your data will be restored. Now you can enjoy the app on your device along with all the user-friendly services and features of WhatsApp aero apk.


WhatsApp Aero is the latest updated version of the WhatsApp application. It is commonly known for its functioning and performance. The users of the WhatsApp application demanded the features of all the latest mods of WhatsApp application in the same application, so the developers have designed this mod of WhatsApp, especially for those users.

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