How To Install Royal WhatsApp APK?

Installing and understanding Royal WhatsApp after the use of this app for a little while, I can tell that this app is highly unique and reliable. You can share chats, pictures, videos, and media files and folders through WhatsApp. This is how Royal WhatsApp has been developed and has all the possible features that the original application does not show you.

SAM, who is the developer of this royal whatsapp, says It has fulfilled all the loopholes, that the original application lacked. People are converting to Royal WhatsApp and its users are increasing rapidly so it will soon replace every other mod of WhatsApp soon.


Let us now install the royal WhatsApp from the procedure below:

Steps For Installing Royal Whatsapp

It has the same procedure as you follow for installing an original version of the WhatsApp application. you simply have to follow these few steps for installing royal WhatsApp on your Android devices

  • First of all you have to download the application of royal WhatsApp on your phone and then you can install it on your phone.
  • You have to keep one thing in your mind before logging into your WhatsApp royal count, your data has been backed up, otherwise, your data will be lost.
  • No, you have to go to your device settings and there you have to allow downloads from unknown sources.
  • When you enable your settings, go back to the official website of royal WhatsApp or the link from where you are downloading the app.
  • Download the folder where your royal WA file is saved, and search for your app file by name.
  • When you find the royal WhatsApp file click on the install button that will appear right below the app file.
  • It will hardly take a few minutes to installation.
  • When installation will be done, royal WhatsApp will appear with other applications.
  • The last and final step is to open the app and log in to your WhatsApp royal account and enjoy the services.

So let's conclude and make a quick summary of this article for all the readers.


You don’t have to download a separate application for passcodes and locks, royal WhatsApp has its own strict privacy control settings, by applying which, you can make your data extra secure and not accessible to anyone else. WhatsApp is one of the best choices for people who love to use and want to stay active on social media. WhatsApp is famous for its user-friendly services and is considered one of the most convenient ways of communication. You can stay connected with your friends and family, while your data and information saved within the application are completely secure and safe.

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