How To Install AZWhatsApp APK?

Although AZWhatsApp shares many of the same capabilities as the original WhatsApp, This mod's qualities are what make it popular. It has some incredible features that set it apart from the latter. DND mode, Anti-ban, customization, and other privacy features are just a few of the many possibilities available. So grab this azwhatsapp and use this mod to learn more about all of its features.

You can have the resources of Contact online information feature, which notifies you whenever your contacts are online. This feature is highly intriguing and can help you keep track of the online presence of your friends and family. You will then be aware anytime a specific contact in your contacts is online and available.. If you enjoy customization then you should definitely download this azwhatsapp MOD because it allows you to now personalise WhatsApp to your preferences.

Steps For Installation AZWhastapp Apk

If you wish to install the azwhastapp apk then the first step is to download the azwhatsapp from any online source. If you can't find a reliable resource then download it from our website. Once you have gotten this app on your phoe then you can install it with the azwhatsapp with the help of easy steps below:

  • To install the app on your phone, first, enable your phone's settings to download files and folders from unknown sources.
  • When you change your settings, it will be easier for this latest azwhatsapp version to get downloaded on your Android device.
  • You simply have to open the downloaded file, which is saved in your phone's downloaded folders.
  • When you find the file of azWhatsapp apk, you simply have to click on it, and it will start installing on your Android device automatically.
  • When the installation is finished, the AZ icon will appear with other applications on your phone.
  • Open that and enjoy your application and its amazing features.

Now to conclude this whole how-to install AZWhatsapp apk article, scroll ahead.


So AZWhatsapp apk is the only version of Whatsapp mod that can translate your conversations. It also protects your chat through end to end encryption. The app contains all the features that are already available in the original whatsapp but also consists of a few more added features like it provides anti-ban, secure chatting with end to end encryption, do not disturb mode, an inbuilt app locker, plenty of themes to choose from but most especially it consists of an option for you to translate to various different languages and also understand translations. A more detailed description of all the features available with this MOD is given on other azwhatsapp articles on our website so don’t forget to check those out too.

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