How To Download FMWhatsApp APK?

WhatsApp is the need of new times, almost everyone uses WhatsApp, but if you want to enjoy more distinctive features which the original application is not offering then you can go for FM WhatsApp. FMWhatsApp APK is the latest version and provides features that are more reliable than the original application. If you want then you can install this FM WhatsApp, which is easy to install and can completely change your WhatsApp look. It not only changes the display of your WhatsApp but it also provides more notable features that are easy to use and distinctive from the original version.

Downloading FMWhatsApp APK

The FMWhatsapp can is downloaded from its download section. The download will require your app permission to download from unknown sources which you have to allow and then this FM WhatsApp will be installed. Once you get to enable the Unknown sources, then go back to the download folder where you will see the “FM WhatsApp apk file”. By clicking on that folder, if it shows any error then you have to allow the downloads from unknown sources, when it gets enabled then it will proceed.


Steps To Download FM WhatsApp APK

For Android devices which are more compatible, FMWhatsApp is easy to install just following the steps.

  • “First you have to go and enable Play Protect permission on your device”.


  • “The second step is then you will go to the application folder and there you will see the tap on the “Install” icon.


  • “Once the app gets installed, you will see that notifying in the app drawer or notification bar.”


By following these steps you can easily download FM WhatsApp on your phone and can enjoy its latest preferences and customized display features which are more distinctive and secure than the original application.

More Pinned Conversations

FMWhatsapp offers the user to get 100 conversations pinned up, while as you know the original application does not offer so, and there are selected numbers of conversations that can be pinned at a time.


The FM WhatsApp offers a customized view of the WhatsApp that you once install. You will see the difference between the original version and this version. It will offer you a variety of themes which you can opt for as per your desire. Along with that, it provides you the option to change your privacy settings as per your need. It also provides the chats and contacts settings and displays which are quite catchy and look good.



FMWhatsApp is a more popular mod of WhatsApp than others and even more than its original application because of its more friendly user features and distinctive features. It is so reliable and more secure that it will secure your privacy ten times more than the original version. Along with that, it completely changes the overview of your WhatsApp which is an attractive plus point of using it.

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