HMWhatsApp APK v7.0 Download Latest Version 2023

Every mobile phone. But, there are currently a lot of WhatsApp modifications accessible. All of the modded apps have some incredible features. HMWhatsApp APK is one of the well-known modded WhatsApp applications. On an Android smartphone, one may easily get it for nothing. It has some astonishing and unusual features.

A few fresh and distinctive features are now available for HMWhatsapp. One can quickly and easily hide the most recent call time and block professional notifications. It has further incredible features.

What is HMWhatsApp APK?

HMWhatsApp is intended for users who find official alerts annoying. It is a well-known modded version of WhatsApp that has all the features that people adore. It includes a secret dialogue box. A folder containing secret talks that is password-protected is simple to make.

The user interface of HMwhatsapp Apk is distinctive and sophisticated. They loved the features and the availability of several personalized themes. The backdrops can easily be changed to add interest to chats. You may hide discussions, which is one of this application’s key features. The secret discussions require a password to access.

File Name HMWhatsApp APK
Android Version 4.3 and Above
Version v7.0
Total Downloads 9,000,000+
App size 40.3 MB
Root Required Not Root Required
Developer HassanMods
Last Updated 1 Hour Ago

What is HMWhatsApp MOD APK?

HMWhatsApp is upgraded to offer the finest functionality possible. Here are a few new features that are exclusive to the most recent edition.

  • HMWhatsApp Opposes Bans.
  • Make Secret Discussions.
  • With the current upgrade, scheduled messages were fixed.
  • Use a pin, pattern, or fingerprint lock to secure the app.

Why To Download HMWhatsApp APK?

There is no malware in the HMWhatsapp Apk; it is simply a clone of the standard Whatsapp with some script alterations. For all Android phones, the updated version of WhatsApp has been made available. I’m aware that a lot of people are waiting to download it to their phones, but they are still unable to do so due to limited availability. Nevertheless, I now have a fix. Several new features, including video calling, smileys, and other functions, have been added to WhatsApp. And you can access all of that by downloading the hmWhatsapp apk.

Watch YouTube Videos directly on WhatsApp

  1. Edit previously sent messages don’t worry it doesn’t show any timestamp.
  2. Detect when the other person is typing a message.
  3. Change your status and add custom wallpapers
  4. You can use these features on iPhone too:
  5. Share location in chats.
  6. Make calls directly from WhatsApp


HMWhatsApp Quickly Anti-Banned Download

Thankfully, this is one of those programs that is Anti Prohibited even when the official version is also installed. The anti-ban feature is now available because it is so highly requested by users worldwide.

Delete Last Seen

The last seen function is enabled for all contacts in the Whatsapp official version, but if you have installed HMWhatsapp, you can configure the last seen for particular contacts. This function aids in displaying the Last seen to the contacts you choose. Furthermore, see Summertime Saga Mod ApkIt is also possible to show your customized last seen to all contacts.

Timetable for Messages

The ability to schedule a message is another fantastic feature of this APK. The ability to schedule a message allows you to send it automatically even while you are not using the app. We frequently fail to send messages on time in our hectic world, but HMWhatsapp has put an end to this forgetting behavior. A message can be scheduled to go to a specified recipient. The prerequisite is that at the moment the message is sent, your mobile device must be online.

Internal Translator

There is a built-in Translator available in the official version of HMWhatsapp if you do not understand basic US or GB English. Within of HMWhatsapp, you can now quickly translate any text in any language.

The majority of people add extra translation apps to their smartphones or look up a translator on Google, yet these actions are now pointless. Since the built-in translation in HMwhatsapp was introduced, your time and effort were automatically saved.

Save Stories & Status

For millions of users worldwide, the status or story saver feature was highly necessary and crucial. To save the state of contacts, you no longer need to install any additional or external programs.

Sharing Huge Files

In contrast to the official version of WhatsApp, HMWhatsapp has no restrictions on transferring small file sizes. More than 90 images can now be shared at once, and video files can now be up to 50 MB in size.

Status Figures

You were allowed to post a 139-character status in the regular WhatsApp, although HMWhatsapp allows for up to 250 characters.

Custom Interface

The interface of HMWhatsApp APK has many custom features that make it stand out from the original WhatsApp application. Users can customize their chat bubbles, themes, fonts, and much more. This level of customization is not available in the original application, giving users more control over the appearance of their messaging app.

Larger Text Size

HMWhatsApp APK also allows users to increase the size of the pattern to 250, 139 characters. This feature is especially helpful for users who struggle with small font sizes, making it easier to read and communicate messages.

Customized Chat Bubbles

Finally, HMWhatsApp APK allows users to change the bubbles of guidance and communication, giving users more control over the appearance of their messaging app. Users can choose from a wide range of customization options, including different shapes, colors, and sizes. This feature is not available in the original application, making HMWhatsApp APK a unique option for users who want a more personalized messaging experience.

What is Best In HMWhatsApp APK?

  • No Money
  • No Ad
  • No Subscription
  • No Advertisement


Click the download link below

  1. Allow Unknown resources from settings
  2. Install the app on your Android
  3. Open the game
  4. Start using the App


One of the greatest customized WhatsApp programs is HMWhatsApp Apk. It introduces cutting-edge and distinctive characteristics. Hidden discussions and personalized privacy settings are some of the fundamental elements that make HMWhatsapp popular. A secret discussion dialogue box can be readily created by the user and secured with one of three sorts of locks, including a fingerprint, pin, or pattern.

The HMWhatsApp APK can be downloaded without cost. To download, simply click the button below. Enjoy the app after downloading it. Don’t forget to provide an honest evaluation of the app.


What is HMWhatsApp?

HMWhatsApp is simply a modified version of the original WhatsApp which is created by a third-party developer.

How do I Download HMWhatsApp?

To download this mod, click the download button on this page, “Download HMWhatsApp.”

How do I Update the HMWhatsApp?

Keep visiting our website for the latest update on HMWhatsApp. If you are using an old version of this mod then make sure to keep an updated version of HMWhatsApp.

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