GBWhatsApp Themes Free Download Best Collection 2023

We understand that using the same theme over and over again gets boring and not exciting anymore so our team of experts has worked hard to grab the top most-rated themes for you! From this list of GBWhatsApp themes, we are sure you will find the one you have been looking for in these amazing themes. So let's not waste more time and jump right to these themes.

Top GB WhatsApp Themes

To assist you with limiting your hunt, we've chosen the top most anticipated GBWhatsapp themes you can add in 2023. These themes have an astonishing look. It doesn't make any difference assuming you're searching for something straightforward or beautiful, odds are you'll track down something that suits your advantage on this rundown of gbwhatsapp themes.


Being one of the most well-known variety themes for GBWhatsapp, Guellitas_Colors upholds an alternate variety of the point of interaction, and its plan is very moderate as well. To sum things up on this rundown is the new Guellitas_Colors. This subject is a decent choice for people who like the GB Whatsapp theme vivid and spiced.


Is it safe to say that you love the well-known High school Freaky Ninja Turtles television program? If it's true then this theme is something you will fancy. Tatarguas_Anime is an anime subject that elements pictures of the teenage Ninja Turtles group benefiting from a major pizza. The variety mix looks exceptionally cool!


If you are a telegram app fan then you will most likely love this theme. This theme offers a similar look to the telegram app with its bluish-gray appearance and simple design It is the most downloaded and used theme from all the other GB WhatsApp themes of the year 2023. You should check out this theme if you are not into flashy and too-bright themes. This design is simple and decent with a stunning look for your GBWhatsApp apk.


If you have a phone that supports the OLED or AMOLED displays then you are in luck with this theme because it looks amazing on these display settings. It is a wolf art-based theme that comes with a mixture of spicy black looks with a wolf background.

The Latest Age Of Ultron

Another amazing theme called the Age of Ultron is also free and you can download it easily through the gbwhatsapp library. This theme comes with an interesting wallpaper that is based on the Transformers movie. So if you are a transformers fan you will love this theme. It comes with additional transformer icons for each app.

How to Download and Install New GB Whatsapp Theme?

Below is the procedure to download and install the GBWhatsApp themes on your phone.

  • First, you need to have a good internet connection then you need to launch your Gbwhatsapp.
  • Now go ahead and Click Three Dots and from there choose the Gb Settings
  • Here you will find the Theme Section.
  • Click on the Download Theme Then Select Your desired Theme from all the amazing themes we described above
  • Now you should press the Apply this themed box
  • Then press the ‘YES’ Button when you are asked if you are sure to choose this theme.


This way you will be able to download the GB WhatsApp theme to your phone.

How to Apply and Delete GBWhatsApp Themes Free?

Now that you know how to download your desired gbwhatsapp theme for free, you must be wondering how you can apply, change or delete these themes. In this section, we will teach you how you can do all of these things in seconds without wasting your time so keep on scrolling!

How To apply the GBWhatsapp theme?

You will have to open the Settings of your GB WhatsApp apk then choose the 'downloaded themes' option. You can scroll here to find your desired theme and then select the button ‘apply theme’ This will add this theme to your WhatsApp which you can later change or delete as well.

How To Delete GBWhatsapp Theme?

You can delete the gbwhatsapp theme by launching the gbwhatsapp on your cell phone and then choosing the settings menu from the three dots on the app. You can select the GB settings and then from the list, you can choose the change theme or delete theme option which will help you clear the already added theme on your gbwhatsapp app.


Which is the best theme for GB WhatsApp?

From our list of gbwhatsapp themes free, The GUELLITAS_COLORS is our favorite and we will recommend you use this theme.

Can I download the gbwhatsapp theme free on my iPhone?

Yes, you can download the gbwhatsapp themes free on your iPhone or iOS devices.

How do I customize my WhatsApp GB?

You can customize your WhatsApp GB with the help of gbwhatsapp themes for free. You can choose The GUELLITAS_COLORS, The TATARUGAS_ANIME, and ASK-REALITY_GREY2_GB, etc.

Can I change my gbwatsapp theme?

Yes, you can change your gbwhatsapp theme any time you like after you have added it. You can even delete it and keep the original WhatsApp theme on your gbwhatsapp.

Which WhatsApp mod offers the best themes for WhatsApp?

The best themes of WhatsApp are offered by gbwhatsapp. It has gbwhatsapp themes free which you can add, change and delete to your app anytime.

Let us now conclude the whole GBWhatsapp themes free article below:


From this article on GBwhatsapp themes, we hope that you found the one theme that you have been looking for. All These themes have an astonishing look because developers created them precisely. All of these are free like an amazing theme called the Age Of Ultron. You can scroll through this article to find your desired theme and to add it you need to press the button 'apply theme' This will add this theme to your WhatsApp which you can later change or delete as well.

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