GBWhatsApp Pro For Web/PC Download Install For Windows

Do you want to download the glamorous pro gbwhatsapp version on your Windows PC? Would you like to try the enhanced downloading and file sharing ways to help you in your WhatsApp experience? Then you should download the gbwhatsapp pro web/PC. You will find all hidden blue ticks, download status, clear cache, pin many chats, and other exciting gbwhatsapp pro features on your PC computers by downloading it.

What is GBWhatsApp Pro Web/PC?

GB WhatsApp pro is available on personal computers as well. Just like it's usage on android devices, GB WhatsApp pro offers similar features on personal computers, with the same policies and settings. It offers plenty of features like adding emojis in the bio, using cool fonts, changing the background of chats, etc.

How to use GBWhatsApp Pro Web?

To use GB WhatsApp pro on at personal computer, the user has to download and install the application on their personal computer. If you don't have an installed application on your personal computer, you can use it through the Google Chrome browser as well.
If you open the app on your computer, you will see a similar interface as you would see on your android devices. There are different sections for Cameras, chats, calls, statuses, etc.

Features of GbWhatsApp Pro Web/PC

It has the following features:

Use On PC

You can use the gbwhatsapp pro on your windows PC now without needing bluestacks or any other software. You can simply download it from any third-party website and use it just like you would use the android version.

Add Highlights

You can add highlights in the gbwhatsapp pro version now. You can add your favorite snaps and posts to your profile and anyone visiting your profile will be able to see these. You can even add your status to your highlights.

Remove BlueTicks

You can remove or hide your blue, delivered, or single ticks from WhatsApp by using this pro version of the gbwhatsapp. Although the previous gbwhatsapp version had a similar feature this pro version offers a more enhanced form. In this pro version, you can hide your delivered ticks as well so the sender will not know if you received the texts or not.


GB WhatsApp pro is actually the latest version of the GB WhatsApp application offering the most convenient way of communication. It is basically famous for it’s service of two accounts functionality at the same time on the same device which means you can add and use two different gbwhatsapp profiles. You can also schedule texts and event details with an alarm or a ringtone.

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