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Have you tried the gbwhatsapp previous version and have grown tired of using it? Then you can try out this latest GBWhatsApp Pro APK version which comes with exciting updates and modifications to the previously used features of this app. You will discover new upgrades in the app with multiple interesting pro features to make communication easier. There are many fake apps WhatsApp and with the name gbwhatsapp too but if you don’t want to waste your time then you should go for downloading this gbwhatsapp pro apk version. It is easy to download and rapid to install on your device, both Android and iOS.


GBWhatsapp Pro APK File Details:

App NameGBWhatsApp Pro APK
Android Version4.3 and Above
VersionLatest Version
Total Downloads9,000,000+
App size51.1MB
Root RequiredNot Root Required
Main PurposeWhatsAppz Extra Features
Last Updated1 day ago

Download GBWhatsApp Pro

Download V.7.10Download V.7.20
Download V.7.99Download V.8.0
Download V.8.5Download V.8.10
Download V.8.20Download V.9.5


Have you decided to download the mod of GBWhatsApp APK? then check out the features section below

Features Of Gbwhatsapp Pro Apk

Free file sharing, calling, and texting, all are provided with the GB pro version of WhatsApp. Let us look at Some of the gbwhatsapp pro apk’s other interesting features below which might be similar or dissimilar to these features.

Share Big Files

This app is great for sharing bigger files that exceed MBs limit of fifty or more. If you also want to download these big files and share them with your friends through the forward button then gbwhtaspp pro version is the best match for you. You are given permission of sharing 100 images and sharing your services through online Whatsapp with this app. The videos and files you share through this WhatsApp could be of any size but make sure you don’t try to share fifty MBs.

Share Huge Audio Files

Ever found yourself talking on voice mail while the recording has already stopped because it reached its maximum time duration limit? We have all been there, and it frustrated us especially when we had told a ten minutes story in that voice note. Don’t worry now because, in this gbwhatsapp pro version, you will never face such a situation. This app lets you share much bigger audio files or voice notes on chats. These could exceed 100 MBs or more limit too.

Schedule Events

You can now schedule your personal life activities and special events through this app. With its reminders and management options, you will be able to meet your commitments better. You will stay more organized and your clients, family or friends will all stay happy with you. All of the important broadcasts, meetings, birthday events, and other reminders can e scheduled with the pro version of gbwhatsapp so you can organize yourself ahead of time. You can even leave already written texts or notes and the scheduler will automatically send them to the recipient on the right day and time.

Anti-Revoke Texting

Are you anxious about people hiding things from you? Especially when they have unsent a text? Then you should try this GB app because it allows you to keep texts even after they have been deleted. You can read any text or see any file that had been deleted at any particular time of the day. Every little piece of information stays intact in gbwhatsapp pro version so you can view all information and connect the dots. You can recover previously deleted texts and files too through this version of WhatsApp.

High Privacy

You want to keep your privacy better always because it is the only way you can survive better in this world so if you need a privacy boost on WhatsApp then try the latest WhatsApp pro GB version. You can hide your activities when you listen to the audio notes, when you see the texts, when you viewed someone’s status, etc. All of this information stays hidden from the other person and they can not find out your activities on gbwhatsapp pro version in any possible way. This big privacy hack is a bonus and the cherry on top of all the other features of gbwhatsapp version so don’t wait anymore to download this pro app.


Below are the Pros and Cons of gbwhatsapp pro apk

  • There is a free status downloading option
  • All chat history is available
  • You can view unsent or deleted chats
  • You can view unsent or deleted files
  • You can add audio to your status
  • You can create new themes
  • You can add backgrounds to your chats and logs
  • Gbwhatsapp pro apk is a highly Addictive app
  • This app is unavailable in the Apple store

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The most asked questions by gbwhatsapp pro users are as follows:



Is the gbwhatsapp pro apk safe to download?

Yes, the gbwhatsapp pro apk version is safe to download and use. You will not have any problem.

What is the latest version of gbwhatsapp pro apk?

The latest version of the gbwhatsapp pro apk is v17.20.

What is GB WhatsApp pro?

Gbwhatsapp pro apk is the latest modified version of gbwhatsapp which has similar plus more enhanced features of this app.

Now to conclude the whole gbwhatsapp pro version article, let’s move ahead

Final Words

You will discover new upgrades in the gbwhatsapp pro app with multiple interesting pro features. If you want to download some big files and share them with your friends then you can do it through the forward button on this app. This app lets you share much bigger audio files or voice notes on chats too. You can read any text or see any file that had been deleted. You can hide your activities and you will be able to meet your commitments better With the reminders and management options of this app. Drop comments below if you have gbwhatsapp pro apk related questions. We will happily help.

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