GBWhatsApp iOS Download Latest Version 2023

GBWhatsApp iOS X is yet another amazing version of WhatsApp that will give you the unforgettable experience of using WhatsApp. This app will give all the latest and most in-demand features that havent been used in any other version of WhatsApp so get ready to download it. You are likely to keep this app for the rest of your life without shifting to an older version of WhatsApp because it provides much better quality in terms of privacy, security, themes, features, and much more.


GB iOS X is the latest WhatsApp mod that gives users the benefit of using WhatsApp unlimited without getting banned. You can enjoy excessively high-quality downloading along with more than the normal limit of file sharing on the gbWhatsApp ios x. It also allows users to overcome the struggle of blue ticks and delivered ticks. All the white ticks are removed and you can choose to hide your online status as well on this modified version.


There are many amazing features of gb ios x so a few of these can be easily listed below for you to read:

  • The statuses of other users can also be copied to your clipboard.
  • Additionally, users can download the stories of others using this MOD.
  • Another intriguing feature is called "always online," which allows you to be online at all times even when you are not.
  • You can set up a WhatsApp message schedule for a specific contact or group to send messages automatically.
  • When you're occupied with work or relaxing with family or friends, you can use the auto-reply option on this MOD to automatically send text messages, videos, audio, etc.
  • With this GB mod ios, you can send up to 90 photos as opposed to simply 30 on the original Whatsapp.
  • You can send various contacts on your contact list videos that are up to 100MB in size making it more convenient for you to just send them without worrying about the size.
  • You can also hide your view status from your contacts list by using many different privacy options GB offers.
  • The GB ios x apk has an anti-ban feature to avoid getting any sort of ban while using it.
  • If you need more privacy then your private chats can be hidden.
  • Over 600 people on your contact list can receive broadcast messages at once after you set the message to send.


So the GB ios x are clearly cut most entertaining and fascinating app of WhatsApp. It is the best among all other WhatsApp mods because it is authentic in its working and keeps the promise of high privacy settings. All these features of over 00 broadcasted texts, more file sharing, heavy duties and much more make it exceptionally unique and favorable among all others.

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