GB WhatsApp Download APK (Official) Latest Version March 2023 (Updated)

The GB WhatsApp APK is more similar to the original application WhatsApp, it offers features that were non-available in the original version which makes it more convenient to use. The basic features like contacts, media, location, files, and sharing your live location are the same as the simple WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp is a trending moded version of WhatsApp with many advanced features. This moded version also included a temporary Anti-ban function in it. So you don't need to worry about the account ban from the official WhatsApp. Just follow the downloading and installation procedure described below and enjoy the exciting unlimited features of the GBWhatsApp.

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GBWhatsApp Apk

What is GBWhatsApp Apk?

GBWhatsApp Download Apk is a mod of official WhatsApp, and it was developed in the early time when the trend of moded Apps was set. This version is regularly updated by the developers till now. You can install WhatsApp and official WhatsApp on same time in your mobile. You don't need to uninstall WhatsApp. This is the best advantage of the GBWhatsApp.

This application offers hidden features as well which include the two accounts' accessibility on the same device, in which you can use two accounts on the same device. Along with that, you can hide your online status, through which nobody can have access and knows at what time you were online to the app. Large videos and files can be transferred and received. At the original application, there was a limitation of sending pictures to 30 while in this GBWhatsApp Apk you can send up to 90 pictures and even more than this at a time.


GBWhatsapp APK File Details:

File Name GBWhatsApp APK
Android Version 4.3 and Above
Version Latest Version
Total Downloads 9,000,000+
App size 51.1MB
Root Required Not Root Required
Main Purpose WhatsApp with Extra Features
Last Updated 1 Hour Ago

Download GBWhatsApp

Download V.7.10 Download V.7.20
Download V.7.99 Download V.8.0
Download V.8.5 Download V.8.10
Download V.8.20 Download V.9.5

Here is some feature that are updated in the modified GBWhatsApp Apk. You can hide double ticks and blue ticks from others. You can change multiple themes available in this version. All these themes are customizable. You can set your online status according to your own choice. All advanced privacy features are also available in it. Most important, it's free of cost, and you don't need to pay a single penny to use this app, like OGWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp.

A complete guide about the installation and features of the GBWhatsApp is available in this article. So, please read this article entirely, and don't forget to share your experience with us in the comment section.


Features of GbWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp has hundred of features in it. We have tried to explain to you all the features. So, keep reading the article.

DND Mode: DND Mode refers is the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode of this GB WhatsApp. When If you use the internet on your device and at that time you access WhatsApp as well, your device without being known your online and using the app which shows the blue ticks by recognizing through that, this feature will hide your usage status.

Complete Privacy Control: When you install GBWhatsApp, it provides you with complete control over privacy. It enables you to secure your data and other information accessible to you only. It completely controls your privacy options and no other person can access and have knowledge about your online status activity even, which provides a great benefit to the user.

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Auto Reply: You can activate an auto-reply option like WhatsApp business.

Text Message Broadcast: It is very simple to broadcast text messages in multiple groups easily.

Filter Message: GB WhatsApp Apk has a message filter option in it. You can easily filter any message with the filter message feature.

Share Live Location: GB WhatsApp user can share their live location with others like WhatsApp original.

Outstanding Effects: You can apply many unique effects to the images while sending the picture to your friends.

Multiple Fonts: If You're fed up with traditional WhatsApp fonts, this feature is for you. GBWhatsApp has many elegant fonts in it. Choose your favorite stylish font style through this function.

HD Images: You can send images with high pixels. GBWhatsApp will not compress images.

Here are some relevant privacy setting features:

  • Your online status
  • The double ‘Seen’ tick
  • The Bluetick
  • All microphone settings
  • Your recording status
  • Your typing status

Schedule Messages:

GB WhatsApp provides you the feature of Schedule Messages through which you can easily schedule messages to be delivered to the specific contacts that you want to send, or broadcast to all your contacts in your contact list at any certain time. For this, you have to write down your message and easily set up the date and time for the delivery of such message to certain contact and in this way, your action will get confirmed.

Send Large Content Files:

The original application of WhatsApp had the drawback of sending small files, by this some of the users find it hard to use that. But this latest version of WhatsApp enables the user to send large-size files and can also receive large-size files. In the previous version, it was limited to 16MB size, but now with GB WhatsApp, you can send the large files of your choice at any time.

No Compression Sending:

As in the original application of WhatsApp, there was the drawback of no compression sending, that the users were not able to use this mode and could not send without compression. But now this issue has been resolved with the latest version of GB WhatsApp iOS now you can send large files and media without any difficulty and it also facilitates the users with the removal of the compression to ensure the content quality.

Access and Control Log Files:

GB WhatsApp has made it more feasible for the users to have access to the control log files, where the user can easily access and make more storage space on their device. This feature enables the user to check the activity of log files and then make the changes the way you want to make your application easier to use.

Improve Chat Security:

While using GB WhatsApp, you don't have to worry about your privacy of chats and conversations, it enables you to have complete control over your privacy status. No other person can have access to your chats and contacts along with the conversations with anyone. You can also enjoy the feature to block certain contact while the chat can be still there which you can protect with a password or lock. You can easily apply the password or can protect it with the lock to ensure the privacy of your chats and conversations.

Completely Customize WhatsApp Themes:

FB WhatsApp enables users to have different amazing customized WhatsApp themes of their choice. It provides a variety of themes, which you can choose by your choice and go for that by choosing that in the setting section. You can also change the themes of your chats and the contact list of your choice, by going to the settings in the menu, where you can create an aesthetic look of your WhatsApp which can give you a completely different look from Fouad WhatsApp.


It Requires An Internet Connection WIFI Connection is Recommended
Location of the Device Access to Gallery
Access to Contacts WIFI Connection is Recommended
Device Identity External Storage Access

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How to Update GBWhatsApp APK?

Let us read some of the frequently asked questions by users below:


What is the latest version of gbwhatsapp apk?

The latest version of GBWhatsapp apk is v17.30.

Is GB WhatsApp APK safe?

Although the third-party apps are not safe but gbwhatsapp is fully safe to use.

Is WhatsApp GB legal?

Since gbwhatsapp apk is the cloned version of the original WhatsApp, it is not legal to download or use it.

Now let’s conclude the whole gbwhatsapp apk article:

Final Words

GB WhatsApp is the latest edition of the original application, which provides users with distinctive features that the previous original version does not have. By switching your WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp, you can enjoy the improved version of privacy settings, along with a large number of files transferred and received which is also a plus point of using this WhatsApp. In GB WhatsApp, users can also enjoy customized themes that look completely different from the previous version and so many other new features, a user can enjoy.

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