Fouad WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 2023 (OFFICIAL)

WhatsApp mods are one of the most used applications on the daily basis nowadays. Just like that Fouad WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging applications. Fouad WhatsApp APK is made especially for the user who demanded more features than the original version of the WhatsApp application. This mod application has been designed with extra and distinctive features that are rarely to be found in any other social media mod version.

This Fouad WhatsApp comes with the Com.Wa package name. This means it won’t install if you have WhatsApp installed already.

What is Fouad WhatsApp?

The Fouad WhatsApp is one of the most popular yet stunning apps among the other mods of WhatsApp. It offers so many catchy and exciting features that the users of social media can not resist using it, and a large number of users are switching to this mod of WhatsApp.


Fouad WhatsApp APK File Details:

File Name Fouad WhatsApp APK
Version Latest
Android Requires 5.0+
Size 52.3 MB
Cost Freeware
Total Downloads 100000+
Developer FM Mods
Last Updated 1 Hour Ago

Followings are the Features this Mod of WhatsApp are Offering to the Users

Blocking Out the Numbers:

If someone is bothering you and you are worried about it, with Fouad WhatsApp you don’t have to worry about this, the Fouad WhatsApp has the option of blocking the call from a specific contact number. You don't have to block the number and all, you can only block the calls from specific contact numbers while they can contact you in other ways.

Hidden Media Gallery:

If you are worried about your media files on your WhatsApp and you do not want any other person to have access to it. This issue has been resolved with Fouad WhatsApp. Fouad WhatsApp has it’s own secret media gallery, where you can save your media files and no one ever has access to that.

Setting Wallpapers On the Home Screen:

Fouad WhatsApp has amazing customized themes and preferences, through which you can completely change the look of your WhatsApp. There are so many themes available that the user can frequently enhance the look of their WhatsApp anytime and in any way they want.

Changing To Different Languages:

Fouad WhatsApp has this amazing feature of having a translator in the app. The user can easily translate the Brazilian language into Portuguese at any time without going through any long and tough procedure. There are users who do not write and understand other languages, for users like these this WhatsApp mod is the best and most convenient for them.

High Media Quality:

Fouad WhatsApp enables users to enjoy sending and receiving media files, images, and videos without low-quality files. Fouad WhatsApp has this feature that does not make the file lose its pixels and the quality remains the same.

Backing Up:

This mod of WhatsApp has this amazing feature of backing up media files and folders. If the user has mistakenly or with the intention to delete the file, the file will not be lost permanently, this mod of WhatsApp has the option of backing up that media file and folder. That if the user needs that file after some time and the file has been deleted, the file will be available on Fouad WhatsApp.

Sending Texts To Unsaved Contacts:

Certain messages are important to send and the user does not want to save the contact number, in this regard Fouad WhatsApp is offering the users to send messages to any other person without saving their contact number on their phone.

Fixing Of Bugs:

When you receive any file at your Fouad WhatsApp, there is a possibility that the file may contain any bugs attached to that. The other social media applications do not offer this feature, but Fouad WhatsApp iOS not only recognizes the bugs and also fixes them. So that the media files and folders must be safe from these bugs and viruses, without any loss of data and files.

Anti-Revoke Statuses And Messages:

Fouad WhatsApp offers users to see the messages and statuses of other users when they delete such messages and statuses. There are certain people who just delete the messages right after sending them, and sometimes it bothers you and makes you feel anxious about the messages.

But Aero WhatsApp offers users to read that deleted messages.

Anti-Ban System:

The developers of Fouad WhatsApp has developed this mod of WhatsApp in a way that user does not have to worry about getting banned or blocked. This mod of WhatsApp has been designed to have an anti-banned mechanism. That prevents the user of Fouad WhatsApp from being banned.

New Stickers And Customized Themes:

Fouad WhatsApp has amazing themes and preferences, the users can completely change the look of their WhatsApp anytime the way they want. It even allows users to make their own themes and stickers and enjoy them for free as well. The user can also download the new customized themes and stickers from the play store and other online websites. Fouad WhatsApp is frequently been updated and new and exciting features are to be launched from time to time on the app, the user can get new themes and stickers by updating their Fouad WhatsApp on their device.

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Fouad WhatsApp For Web/PC

Let us now conclude the whole Fouad WhatsApp apk article below:


Fouad WhatsApp is one of the best choices when it comes to banning the application. If you want to use WhatsApp mods without getting banned, then you should probably switch to Fouad WhatsApp as soon as possible. Fouad WhatsApp is easy to download and install, and even if the user sees any issue in downloading and installing, proper guidelines are also available on the app. It has amazing and distinctive features that the original version of the application does not offer.

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