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The Fouad IOS WhatsApp Mod was created by MBMods to let you customize your talking experience with an iOS-inspired theme and a tonne of customizing options. The app’s most notable features are those that are concerned with user privacy. You can now, for instance, freeze your last seen status or disable the forward tag on any sent messages. Also, you can view deleted messages and alter your screen whatever you like. You may anticipate all of these things from this anti-ban Mod with a fantastic iOS-themed UI. The Fouad iOS APK finally gives you control over the medium from which you conduct private communications.

What is Fouad IOS WhatsApp APK?

Two versions of the official WhatsApp Mod by MBMods were created, both of which had the same features but different package names. In addition to the Fouad IOS, there is MBWhatsapp, also known as MBWA. The official WhatsApp app on your phone is technically replaced by the Fouad iOS. In other words, you can’t use it as an additional WhatsApp app without also removing the original. You can install the app independently using the MBWA, but you’ll need to log in with a different account. With any version, you have the same experience, though. Get the most recent version of Fouad iOS APK right now to take advantage of all the configurable features that make communicating easier for users.

File Information

File Name Fouad IOS
Android Requires 4.2+
Version v9.54
Downloads 2000000+
Size 62.7 MB
Root Required Not Root Required
Main Purpose WhatsApp's Extra Features
Last Updated 1 Hour Ago

What is the Mod of Fouad IOS WhatsApp APK?

In my opinion, the best substitute for the RC YoWhatsApp App now available for Android devices is the Fouad iOS APK. You already know that the RCYOWA developer hardly ever updates his software, which is well-liked by users for its user interface that is inspired by iOS. Many consumers are clueless as to what to do when expiration concerns arise.

For this reason, we are presenting the Fouad iOS Version, a completely modified version of the Fouad WhatsApp application created by Fouad Mokdad. You may anticipate immediate updates in accordance with the most recent base version, and I don’t think MBmods will be able to complete the project without Fouad Mokdad’s cooperation unless he decides to stop working on the parent version.

Why to Download Fouad IOS WhatsApp APK?

Before downloading and installing this APK file on your device, it’s important to understand its features. These are the newest and extra features!

  • You can change the site backdrop to an image of your choice.
  • You can also alter the text’s color when sending it to your friends.
  • The default online status can be adjusted by users of this APK file to always be online.
  • You may store your conversations and personal data with the use of this APK file.
  • This MOD’s fantastic feature allows you to block incoming calls and messages.
  • You can email your pals HD-quality pictures using this APK download.
  • As a result of the additional capabilities of this MOD, you can also set up a group chat.


Chats will be Private and Secure

All of your chats will be private and secure with trustworthy, all-inclusive features. Examples include locking the app or chat, freezing the last time you were seen, disabling forwarding, limiting who may call me, hiding see friend status, anti-delete status, anti-delete message, displaying the blue checkmark after replying, and limiting privacy group, transmission, and contact.

FMThemes Lets you Change Themes

Download themes, save themes, restart themes, restore themes, remove themes, and import themes in XML format. Chat Backup: Before using the app, you must create a backup of your conversation history data. (Restoring the chat is ineffective if you’ve previously utilized WhatsApp Mod’s Clone version.

General Settings

Has options for all color customization, writing style, launcher icons, and new display styles (including iOS, Android O, Facebook, and One UI).


include Malay, Turkish, Indonesian, English, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, and many others.

You will receive and send high-quality photographs while using HD image sharing.

Conversation Cards

Conversations are available as cards that may be quickly updated with the newest information. Android 5.0 and later.

On the home screen, you can change the look of the top header, the line, the floating action buttons, the status, the photo angle (up to 100 degrees), and whether or not the conversation divider is visible.

Ui Style Navigation

You can find the UI style navigation under Fouad Mods> Home Screen> Header.

Style of the Bottom Bar

This style features a screen below the mobile screen’s navigation that is similar to the iOS modification. You have the option of iOS, Bubble, or a simple design.

Stories Like Instagram

Enable the Instagram Story style to see other users’ status updates and contact stories in the top bar. Separate chats/groups if you enable this feature, group conversations will take the place of the status page, and “stories like Instagram” will be enforced.

Dark Mode

You can change the dark mode display so that it is clearly lit in the “Dark / Bright Light Mode.” Also true.

Airplane Mode

You can stop receiving all texts from anyone by using airplane mode.

What's New in This APK

  • Home WhatsApp for iPhone style
  • Thousands of themes are available for download from the same application.
  • State privacy and the possibility to write up to 250 characters.
  • Emojis changer.
  • Up to 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same device.
    Notification hiding.
  • Sending of files up to 50MB.
  • Video sending limit up to 700MB.
  • Sending photos without loss of quality, as they cannot be compressed.

How to Download and Install Fouad IOS WhatsApp APK?

  • If you want to install Fouad iOS for the first time on your Android device, then you must follow the following steps to achieve a perfect installation:
  • Make a backup of our chats (Settings> Chats> Backup and click on “Save”). Uninstall the WhatsApp or Modifications that you have installed in the number where you want to install Fouad iOS. Activate, if you have not already activated it, the option “Install from Unknown Sources” or “Unknown Sources”, depending on your device. To do this, go to Phone Settings> Security.
  • Download the package or APK you want to install (below are the download links) Click on the download package or APK and on the first screen click on ACCEPT and CONTINUE.
  • Ready, you already have Fouad iOS installed!


The developer has plans to expand the features, which are already more than sufficient for the users. Also, because the app has anti-ban protection, users don’t need to worry about losing their accounts. One of the most distinctive WhatsApp MODs is unquestionably Fouad iOS WhatsApp, which can completely replicate the iOS app’s user interface on Android while also introducing a number of new functions.

Since this brilliant modification is based on Fouad WhatsApp, as you might have predicted, we will receive all of its features as well as any additional ones that its creator, stefanoYG from modDB, add solely.


Is it Safe to Use?

Yes it is safe

It is Easy to Use

Yes it is so simple to handle

4.8 / 5 ( 51 votes )

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