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Nevertheless, DMWhatsApp APK has a more aesthetically pleasing dark design motif than the original app (which is actually not that bad). But, we may add these black lines and panels to the app’s dark mode because they are present here.

The privacy settings in the main menu are where you’ll find the biggest benefit, though. Users can manage their privacy here, including who can view their status updates and messages, whether they are online or not, and if message checks are enabled. These settings only apply to messages exchanged with other contacts and have no real impact on the administration of communications delivered by WhatsApp Inc.

Download DMWhatsApp APK

What is DMWhatsApp APK?

Due to its cutting-edge features, DMWhatsApp APK is among the best instant messaging services available online. For those who want to contact their loved ones via mobile phones but cannot afford SMS services, the app is crucial. Mostly because it enables them to. So, to set free. This program allows you to alter your last time as well as your online status, blue tick, and second tick.

The official WhatsApp software has been altered to become DM WhatsApp Mod APK. Another customized version of the original WhatsApp, DMWhatsApp, offers you a tonne of fantastic features. Also, it provides you with a mysterious theme that is less harsh for users than the original WhatsApp. Its features are almost identical to those of other mods, but one characteristic that sets it apart from them all is its home screen. You can add the dark mode by finding lines and panels that are darker.

File Name DMWhatsApp APK
Android Version 4.3 and Above
Version Latest Version
Total Downloads 9,000,000+
App size 33 MB
Cost Free
Developer Sam Ansari
Last Updated 1 Hour Ago

What is DMWhatsApp Mod APK?

Compared to the native software, DMWhatsApp APK has a very dark design theme that is much easier on the eyes. But, these black panels and lines can be added to the app’s dark mode.

The privacy options in the main menu, however, offer a more substantial feature. Users will be able to manage their privacy settings here, including how and when messages and status updates are shared as well as who may see whether you are online or checking messages. These choices only apply to messages that are shared with other contacts and do not actually influence the administration of messages sent through WhatsApp Inc.

Why to Download DMWhatsApp APK?

The main feature of the WhatsApp mod DMWhatsApp is to give users better privacy management options. It has a dark theme. Download this app to enable privacy mode, and no one will be able to see your most recent view, status, or profile picture if you wish to keep it hidden from them. The DMWhatsApp app is essential for people who wish to text their loved ones on their phones but are unable to pay for SMS services because it enables them to do so for free.

DMWhatsApp is a fork of the original WhatsApp that has been updated and upgraded with extra features. Also, it offers a darker UI than WhatsApp’s default one, which is easier on the eyes. Its functions are almost identical to those of other mods, but its home screen is different. Use the darkest lines and panels you can locate to customize the dark theme.


Darker Visual Motif

Compared to the original software, DMWhatsApp has a much darker visual motif that is much easier on the eyes (which is actually not that bad). But these are the dark panels and lines that we can include in the dark mode of the app.

Privacy Settings

The privacy settings portion of the main menu, however, may have a more important feature. Users will have complete control over how and when messages and status updates are shared, as well as who can see whether they are online or checking messages. These decisions solely affect communications shared with other contacts and have no impact on the handling of messages sent through WhatsApp Inc.

An App Locker

You may be confident that your app will be kept secret thanks to the built-in app locker in this mod. No one will be able to use your app or listen to your talks without your permission.

Distraction-Free Mode

If you don’t want to be harassed with instant messaging, you can disconnect the App from the internet at any time. The “do not disturb” setting is the name of the functionality.


The purpose of this change is to prevent account bans. The goal of this mod is to shield you from the mod’s authors’ intentions to ban you.

Chats are Private

Due to the use of this software, these conversations are secure and private. In other words, privacy violations and data leaks are not a problem.

Font Augmentation

You can use more than 30 additional typefaces in chats.

Choices for Customization

With the use of this function, you can change a wide range of interface elements, such as the header, footer, status bar, background, and many more.

What is Best in DMWhatsApp APK?

  • Status saver
  • No ads
  • Hide blue tick
  • More privacy

How to Download DMWhatsApp APK?

  • Click on the Download button.
  • Complete one of the presentations and the download will begin automatically.
  • After download, install it and go to setting option, then go to security option and enable unknown sources, if you have already enabled it then skip this step.
  • After doing that, open the downloaded file, click on the Install option and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Now you can use DM WhatsApp Mod APK and enjoy its features for free without paying anything


This mod is a modified version of the original WhatsApp app and you can use it with the official WhatsApp. This mode has some great features which are not available in official WhatsApp. There are many features in this app that you can use to create an amazing profile and attract more people to your profile. So get the app now and enjoy using this amazing mod.


What is DMWhatsApp?

DMWhatsApp is simply a modified version of the original WhatsApp which is created by a third-party developer.

How do I update the DMWhatsApp APK?

Keep visiting our website for the latest update on DMWhatsApp. If you are using an old version of this mod then make sure to keep an updated version of DM WhatsApp.

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