Communities: Now Live on WhatsApp

Remember when we gave you a little sneak peek earlier this year about something big we were crafting? Drumroll, please... Introducing Communities on WhatsApp!

Just like how communities in real life bring together neighborhoods, school parents, or colleagues, our brand-new feature stitches together multiple groups under one cozy umbrella. It's all about making your WhatsApp group conversations more organized and connected.

Starting your own Community is a breeze! For our Android peeps, head to the new tab at the top; and for our iOS family, it’s right at the bottom. Launch a fresh Community or rope in your existing groups – you're the boss!

And guess what? Navigating through a Community is seamless. Hop from one group to another, soak in the updates, or just catch up. Oh, and admins? You've got the power to beam out vital updates to the entire Community.

Here's the magic of Communities: a blend of organization and the unmatched security of end-to-end encryption. We believe your messages should be just yours. So, why compromise with alternatives that store copies of your chats?

Wait, there's more! Today, we're also dropping:

🔹 In-chat polls (finally, right?),
🔹 Video calls for up to 32 pals,
🔹 And beefy groups with a whopping 1024 members!

And yup, these shiny new tools, along with emoji reactions, bigger file sharing, and the power-packed admin delete, are all set to supercharge your Communities.

Shoutout to the 50 organizations from 15 countries who've been our partners in shaping Communities. Your insights have been invaluable! And to the rest of our users, we can't wait to hear your thoughts.

So, dive in, explore, and let's build more together!

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